License information

Buy hunting permits and fishing licenses online
Purchase available deer & elk permits here. Also buy fishing and other available hunting licenses. Your credit card is required for online purchases.

Apply for available hunt drawings
Many hunts have more applicants than there are available permits. To give everyone a fair chance, we hold drawings for these permits.

License and permit fee information
Fees for various fishing and hunting permits varying greatly and change from year to year.

Surrendered permits and refunds
Information on surrendering licenses, permits and certificates of registration and, when possible, obtaining refunds.

Hunting application/season quick reference
See our calendar of upcoming wildlife events for brief rundown of important hunt drawing application periods and hunting season dates.

Hunting & fishing guidebooks
These proclamations contain the official rules, regulations and other information governing hunting and fishing in Utah.

HIP registration numbers
Anyone hunting mourning doves, band-tailed pigeons, sandhill cranes, geese, ducks, coots or snipes are required to register in the HIP program. There is no charge to register.

Certificates of Registration (COR)
Commonly requested Certificate of Registration (COR) information and application forms

Natural Resources Bookstore
Buying a license or permit? The Natural Resources Bookstore at 1594 W North Temple in Salt Lake City sells useful maps and books to help plan your hunting or fishing trip.

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