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2011 antlerless

Your guide to Utah’s 2011 antlerless hunts

Have you been wondering where to find the 2011 Utah Antlerless guidebook? You’ve come to the right place! The Division did not print a traditional antlerless guidebook this year. Instead, we’ve moved to an online format that provides immediate access to the information hunters want to see.

You can apply online for an antlerless permit from June 1–21, 2011. The pages linked below will provide all of the information and tools you need in order to apply.

The field regulations for all big game hunts (both antlered and antlerless) are in the new 2011 Utah Big Game Field Regulations guidebook, which is now available online. A printed copy of the field regulations book will be available from Division offices and license agents in early June.

You may also download a printer-friendly PDF of the information and tables included in these 2011 antlerless Web pages. (Updated June 3, 2011 with permit numbers and the doe pronghorn correction.)

Who makes the rules?

The Utah Wildlife Board passes the rules and laws summarized in this guidebook.

There are seven board members, and each serves a six-year term. Appointed by the governor, board members are not Division employees.

The Division’s director serves as the board’s executive secretary but does not have a vote on wildlife policies.

Before board members make changes to wildlife rules, they listen to recommendations from Division biologists. They also receive input from the public and various interest groups via the regional advisory council (RAC) process.

If you have feedback or suggestions for board members, visit the Utah Wildlife Board members page.

Wildlife Board members
Rick Woodard, Chair
Ernie Perkins, Vice Chair
James F. Karpowitz, Division Director & Executive Secretary
Jake Albrecht
Del Brady
Bill Fenimore
Tom Hatch
Keele Johnson

Corrections to the guidebook

  • Doe pronghorn hunts 5500, 5501 and 5502: Cache, North Rich — (PDF format)
    • Before June 3, 2011, the online hunt table incorrectly listed the number of two-doe permits for hunts 5500, 5501 and 5502. There are 5 nonresident two-doe permits and 45 resident two-doe permits available for each hunt.

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