Volunteers and Dedicated Hunters

Cascade Springs Project

Starting on August 23, 2014

At Cascade Springs

Jentry Nelson 801-796-4886

Come join us for a fun and unique Forest Service project in the mountains. We will be helping to remove excess watercress in the clear water ponds. Volunteers will take turns wading in the ponds to remove the plants and others will use a “bucket brigade” method and wheel barrows to take the plants to a dump truck.

 This is a very beautiful place with short hikes and waterfalls along the trail. The Forest Service will provide some waders, please bring 5 gallon buckets and gloves if you have them. There is no canyon fee while you are volunteering, also this the only time you’ll be able to get in the springs! It will be a fun project.

Please carpool if possible and park at the upper parking lot at cascade springs.  Bring extra buckets and personal water bottles.  Call contact for more info

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