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Sagegrouse fence markers

From April 29, 2013 until December 31, 2015

Natasha (NRCS biologist) 435-722-4621 ext 115

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Recent studies have found that a large percent of sage-grouse deaths result from flying into man-made objects, especially barbed-wire fences. The studies also found that hanging visible reflective tags to the fence wire, reduced fence collisions by nearly 80%.

The NRCS and DWR are working together to identify and mark high use areas, so sage-grouse can see the wires and avoid collisions.

This project is to obtain materials, fabricate the markers, and deliver or mail them to the NRCS field office in Roosevelt or to another needed location within the state. Volunteers are also needed to help hang the tags on designated fences (as prescribed by the NRCS).

Reflective markers are roughly three inches square and are made from vinyl underseal trim. To help with this important project, or to make a donation, please contact Natasha for more details.

This project is available to all volunteers and is also eligible for Dedicated Hunter Credit. DH credit will be given for the purchase value of the materials ($20/hour), time spent gathering materials, fabricating markers, and for delivery time or the cost of mailing the markers to the central location. Credit will also be given for drive and installation time to place the markers at the site. Credit will not be given for other items such as equipment, vehicles, gas, etc.

Equipment: Pliers, saw or tin cutters

Note: Materials can also be donated for credit as we have some Eagle Scouts and other volunteers that like to help do this project also.

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