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 Utah’s top ten places to fish this spring

Warmer weather means better fishing

Drew Cushing
Drew Cushing is a wildlife biologist who focuses on Utah's warmwater fisheries. He works with other DWR personnel and angling groups to ensure appropriate and consistent program direction. Drew is an avid angler and hunter.

Where will you find great fishing over the next couple of months? Here are my ten favorite springtime fishing destinations in Utah:

  1. Pineview Reservoir
  2. Mantua Reservoir
  3. Starvation Reservoir
  4. Flaming Gorge
  5. Strawberry Reservoir
  6. Jordanelle Reservoir
  7. Willard Bay
  8. Yuba Reservoir
  9. Sand Hollow Reservoir
  10. Lake Powell

Where do you go when the weather warms up? Post a comment and tell us more about your favorite fishing hole.

89 Responses to Utah’s top ten places to fish this spring

  1. Nice writing. You are on my RSS reader now so I can read more from you down the road.

    Allen Taylor

  2. You told me you did not have time to go fishing, maybe you just did’nt like the company.
    You Forgot:
    Ice off at Fish Lake and Joe’s Valley can be some of the best fishing for splake of the year

  3. what happened to the strawberry fishing report

  4. Hello Bill,
    We found a glitch in our hotpots system that was hiding this reservoir. We have resolved the issue. You should be able to see the report now. Thank you for letting us know!

  5. You can bet I will be fishing my heart out this spring! You can find me along the banks of the Provo river.

    A great Utah Video Production company ( films great videos about fishing including this one here:

    Check them out!

  6. The Jordanelle is great, and I heard the Yuba is too. I’ll try the other ones as well. Thanks for the suggestions!

  7. Thanks a lot for the suggestions! I just moved to Utah and already wondering where to go fishing next spring! šŸ˜‰
    Already a Merry Christmas to you! :)

  8. Willard Bay is fantastic. Hopefully I will get the chance to try out some of the others this year. Thanks for sharing these spots. Happy 2010 to all

  9. Willard Bay provides year-round fishing for crappie, bluegill, smallmouth bass, walleye, wiper and catfish.

    Wipers can be caught all over the reservoir – the best place though is past ‘the lightpole’ out on the dike

    The Northeast corner of the resevoir is the best place to catch crappie – The water is usually high enough to provide flooded stickups, where crappies like to spawn.

    Enjoy !

  10. Thanks for posting this article. We are moving to Utah and my husband asked me to do a little research.

  11. Natural Pet Remedy

    When the weather warms up I definitely go to Lake Powell.. the best place for fishing.. šŸ˜‰

  12. Personally I prefer Sand Hollow Reservoir to other places.

  13. Sitting here right now looking out the window at a half frozen river just waiting for a thaw. The walleyes should be thinking about spawning in another month or so… I can’t wait!

  14. Lake Powell… how can you beat that! I couldn’t agree more, #1 all the way. Absolutely beautiful, and great fishing. I’ll see you there.

  15. Pomeranian Pages

    I can’t wait for fishing this year! Lake Powell is my favorite (and my dogs too!)

  16. Thanks for the siggestions, Willard Bay is great. Hopefully I will get the chance to try out Lake Powell.

  17. Strawberry Reservoir cannot be beaten in the early hours of a crisp morning – I have bagged some amazing fish here – put it further up your list!

  18. I’m surprised!! I knew Lake Powell as more of a house boating and water skiing lake.. I never knew it had such great fishing.. I’m headed there in August and will be bringing my pole and gear this time..

    Thanks for the info!


  19. Yes, Lake Powell is an awesome lake to fish in especially in the warm weather…as it gets cold the bass don’t really move a lot and when its too hot bass dive to the bottom in order to cool off….

    Well thanks for the tips

  20. Great list, I fished Yuba Reservoir last year visiting my brother in law. I’ll make a note of the other spots you recommended for my trip this year!

  21. I’ll be visiting leaving home for US within a week and I am a fishing fan. I have a mind to go fishing at least once. which of these is the best for you guys? I’ve been wanting to go to lake powell for a long time. I wasn’t able to go there the last time I was there but I think i’ll make it this time.

  22. I prefer river fishing, how about a top 10 river destinations?

  23. My brother took me to flaming gorge while I was out there for a visit, It is one of the nicest places I have ever fished.

  24. You may laugh, but it’s really fun going to the park just a few blocks from our house right in the middle of Denver. My son loves fishing there and they do stock the lakes.

  25. Marc Weisberg - Pet Photographer

    Fantastic site and great information! Just wondering if there are restrictions on bringing your pet or dog with you when camping or fishing?

  26. Get Paid to Fish

    Lake Powell is fine, but the Provo River is all about fly fishing.

  27. I prefer river and stream fishing. Some of the best trout fishing around is near the City of Salmon Idaho along the Salmon River. Anywhere along the middle fork is fantastic but my favorite is a little known tributary called the Lemhi River, near the headwaters is best but this area is mostly private so ask for permission.

  28. Yes Lake Powell is #1 for me too. You can’t beat it as far as I’m concerned. The fishing is awesome and the scenery is spectacular.

  29. Just had a great day up at Yuba Reservoir and got some good walleye and northern pike action. I’ll try to check out a few more of these spots next time I’m back in the great state of Utah.

  30. I have a friend over your side of the pond that raves about Yuba.

  31. You got me thinking about deep fried walleye fillets now, and my mouth is watering. It’s my favorite!

  32. I notice there aren’t any rivers in your top ten list or am I mistaken? Is Flaming Gorge a river gorge? If so maybe my technique of sneaking into hard to get at spots with a telescopic fishing rod would work? Thanks for the inspiring list Drew – I’m off to do some more research on these spots.

  33. Paul 'the Auctioneer' Tranter

    I am a busy auctioneer here in the UK and love nothing more than relaxing by the water. This year we’ve decided to plan a fishing trip in the US and Utah was high on the list. After reading this and the comments I now think it’s top of the list!

    Lake Powell sounds great. I have place in Cyprus too and took a job lot of gear that I procured from my auction rooms – cost me a fortune in excess baggage and in two years of beach fishing there have caught nothin!

    looking forward to a big bag next spring :)

  34. Weird, we’ve had 3 separate customers this past month talk about how great Lake Powell was and that they can’t wait to get back and do more camping!

  35. Investment Property Guy

    Coming up from Flagstaff to Utah looking forward to some fishing

  36. Hoping to make it out to Lake Powell sometime next spring I hear the fishing is really good there and also the scenery.

  37. What a great resource. I home school my children and we are always on the lookout for new fishing holes to give us an excuse for a field-trip! Thank you for taking the time to give us this list.

  38. Yuba Reservoir all the way! I can’t think of any place I’d rather fish, but this top 10 list is a great place to start trying if the fish don’t pick up here. Hope to see some of you folks out there!

  39. I really enjoy fishing here in Utah and would love to see an updated version of this info.

  40. This spring I caught a number of black crappie in Willard Bay along the north dike near the outlet canal. It was an awesome vacation

  41. Never fished Lake Powell, but I hear fishing is fantastic! Thanks for the info. maybe next Spring I’ll see Camping Knives and you both there!

  42. Starvation Reservoir is the place to be. Each year walleye event is held on the reservoir. Love it. Aside from that there are plenty of places to camp. So while fishing you can enjoy camping at the same time.

  43. Can’t wait to go back down to Lake Powell for some fall fishing. You definitely can’t beat that- one of the best places to take my family for a vacation and get some fishing in!

  44. I agree as well, lake powell is awesome. One of the best places I’ve been to fish. I never want to leave

  45. Thanks for posting this article. We are moving to Utah and my husband asked me to do a little research.

  46. I recently read an article in KSL stating new fish found in Utah Water. How can you call a God gift “its ugly fish”? I thought you are biologist and with a college degree, you should be more professional when naming these fishes.

    Who are you to determine to call these fishes with name? Because you dont like them? All of us are striving to survive in these beautiful land and thats including these fishes. So before you make the assumption that these are “ugly fish” I suggested that you thought throughly of your words before you say it. I am just disappointed in you.

  47. Lake Powell is a great first choice. I really liked this list, thanks for the reference!

  48. I remember going to Flaming Gorge with my dad a couple of years ago, what a great place. Thanks for the heads up have to ask my dad if he’s up for another trip to one of the others.

  49. Yuba Reservoir definitely gets my vote. We always use the Yuba State Park boat ramp to unload our boat to do some catfishing there.

    I’m hoping to take my son there this year for some camping!

  50. I will be coming to Utah at some point on a road trip, primarily for rock climbing, but it sounds as if the fishing is pretty darn good too.

    I will do a bit of research on the areas you listed above. Sounds like everyone loves Lake Powell, I will keep it top of the list.

    Thanks for the information.

  51. I love Lake Powell, what a wonderful place!

  52. seattle corporate magician

    Lake Crescent. Even though it is catch and release, no barb, no bait, those rainbow colors and fighting ability make for a fun day.

  53. Thank you very much for sharing the spots. I appreciate it and I got an idea on where to go fishing next… :) I am also considering some camping side trips, looking forward to see some of your suggestions as well.

  54. Bit disappointed to see Pineview Reservoir at number 10. I would rate it somewhere 4-6 position. Lake Powell is no doubt the best place for fishing.

  55. All great places you mentioned on your list. As for myself I prefer trout fishing in one of the rivers near Salt Lake City, like the Big and Small Cottonwood creeks.

  56. Lake Powell is without a doubt one of the best fishing places that I yet have to see. My friend Mikey told me about it several years ago and I always wanted to see it. I live closest to Willard Bay and that is my main fishing destination….Perhaps I will go to Lake Powell next year… I am really considering it.

  57. Are the best places still the same as back in 2009? Lake Powell is one of the best fishing places I know, but I have no experience with the rest and I’d like to try them.

  58. Lake Powell should be on the top of the list. But then again, I’ve never had the opportunity to fish elsewhere.

  59. I think the Provo river, and lake Powell, are my 2 favorite destinations. I am looking to add a few new spots, and will check out some of the places that others have mentioned.

  60. Been to Lake Powell 1 time back 02… wonderful place.. Trolled at 125 ft and caught into some nice trout on the south end of the lake… Reminded me a little of a small lake I used to go to as a kid up southeast of Santa Barbara CA called Lake Cachuma… ahhh the memories… small lake.. but great fishing.. Haven’t been in years… anyways enough of the reminiscing LOL>>

    Thanks for the post..


  61. Christmas Recipes

    Who doesn’t love Lake Powell. But I’ve always enjoyed ice fishing in Idaho. Not exactly where we go, my husband does the driving. Cold but fun. A totally different experience than fishing in the river. Thanks for all the good fishing hole ideas.

  62. Ashton, iolite Co

    hey drew, its good to see another fishing enthusiast give out information like this. I’ve only been to Utah once so I went to the Strawberry Reservoir in Wasatch County after my brother in law recommended it. Great trout there! I look forward to trying a few on your list next time I’m in Utah (which should be soon I hope).

  63. Isabel | Comer Para Perder

    Hoping to make it out to Lake Powell sometime next spring I hear the fishing is really good there and also the scenery.

  64. Thanks for the info. If I had time I surely would go to those places you mention. I wish they were nearer to our apartment.

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    They sound like a great place to go visit. Unfortunately, I am too far away to visit them.

    Mantua Reservoir looks amazing.

    Enjoy these gems. It would be a shame not to do so!

    Kind regards,

    John Francis

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    I love Willard Bay. It offers great opportunities beyond fishing and boating!

  67. Keuka Lake Property

    We have wanted to visit Utah so badly for the last 3 years! We are collecting research, and this is so helpful.

  68. Wow! Thanks for posting this. For people who loves fishing would definitely go to those places you mentioned to catch some big fish. Lol. I would suggest this to my friends as well. Thanks for the idea.

    Cody Felton

  69. Great information on fishing Utah. Will pass onto my readers. They will love it.

  70. Camping Checklist

    Great list! A little disappointed to see Sand Hollow Reservoir at the second spot!

  71. Iā€™m surprised!! I knew Lake Powell as more of a house boating and water skiing lake. I never knew it had great fishing.. Iā€™m headed there in September and will be bringing my gear this time..

    Thanks for the info!

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    I have to say Willard Bay all the way. I went up there with my cousin and have the time of my life. Also the people in Ogden are the best!

  73. Yuba is a great place for fishing.I caught many fish there. Strawberry Reservoir was less kind to me.

  74. I’m another one who will be visiting lake powell later this year, we were planning to do some fishing and this article gets me a bit more excited about it now :)

  75. crossbow reviews

    My list basically matches yours but I would probably put Willard Bay at the top rather than Lake Powell.

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    The salmon is good protein food that aid in healing, so I recommend fishing as relaxing and as the subject of healthy eating.

  77. I’m in upstate SC and really love fishing in the Saluda River for rainbow trout. I even caught a small mouthed bass recently and was surprised at how big it was.

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    thank you so much, I am also a fisher and I love fishing so much. Thanks for your information, i have friends living in Utah, maybe i’ll see him and we can go fishing together following your direction.

  79. Glad to see your article, I also like fishing, but my technique is not very good, hope to see you fishing techniques to share.

  80. Great article. I live in Australia and the fishing is good here and of course our seasons are opposite so we are just into the second day of summer. Our best fishing spots are acutally the ocean.

  81. Great stuff. My Lake Powell pics taken in 2006 don’t do the lake justice. I’ll have to get back there to see (and fish) the lake again soon.

  82. Bassfishingtips101

    To me the location doesn’t really matter where you fish. It is more about the outdoors, nature and relaxing. During a holiday it is about escaping everything the concrete jungle.

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    A couple of us from the River Tees are traveling to Utah in August and are mad fisherman. Is there anywhere that offers salmon fishing?

    Please visit to have a look at the fishing available on our local river

  85. Moving to Ogden pretty soon, which of these are close to there?

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    Can’t wait to get to Utah to fish and hunt, it is up on our list! My construction company in Central Pa, White Mountain Construction, is a far travel but we just went hunting in Canada and loved it. Utah is next on our list!

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    I was looking ofr information on my fishing trip to Utah and the list helps a very much. Great Info!

  88. good article.

  89. Thanks for sharing ten favorite springtime fishing destinations in Utah, it will be great for me because I am fond of fishing.

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