Wolves in Utah

Information regarding the future of wolves in Utah

What was the Wolf Working Group

List of Wolf Working Group members — (PDF format)

The Division of Wildlife Resources created a Wolf Management Working Group in the summer of 2003, composed of 13 members that represented diverse public interests regarding wolves in Utah. The Wolf Management Working Group included representatives from academia (USU faculty), wolf advocates (Utah Wolf Form), sportsmen representatives (Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation), agricultural interests (Utah Farm Bureau and Utah Wool Growers), representatives of local government, including the Ute Indian Tribe and the Utah Association of Counties, two at-large conservation organization representatives, and a member of the Utah Wildlife Board. Technical advisors from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resoruces, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and the US Department of Agriculture, Wildlife Services assisted the committee. A professional facilitation firm, Dynamic Solutions Group of Casper, Wyoming, facilitated the Working Group meetings.

The Working Group assisted the Division of Wildlife Resources in developing a wolf management plan for Utah. After gathering public comment through a series of public scoping meetings, and reviewing available information on the biological, social-political and legal issues surrounding wolves and Utah, the Working Group drafted a wolf management plan in 2005.

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