Archers can stay safe during this year's archery hunts by following a few, simple rules.

Utah's general archery buck deer and archery elk hunts kick off Aug. 20.

Spending time on the archery range is key to taking a deer or elk during the hunt.

Spending time on the archery range is key to taking a deer or elk during the hunt.

Photo courtesy of Blake Allen

Kirk Smith, Hunter Education coordinator for the Division of Wildlife Resources, says every year, he receives reports of archery hunters injuring themselves. He says most of the accidents are caused by archers doing one of two things: not being safe in tree stands or having arrows out of their quiver, before they're ready to shoot.

To help you avoid these accidents, Smith provides the following advice:

More tips

In addition to the safety tips, Smith provides advice on preparing for the hunt, safety items to remember while you're afield, and information on how to track animals and care for game meat.


After the shot

Smith also provides advice about campfires:

Finally, Smith provides tips for reducing conflicts with landowners and those who don't hunt:

Smith says most Utahns choose not to hunt. But they support hunting as long as hunters are legal, safe and ethical. "When hunters don't behave that way," he says, "how people feel about hunting can take a turn for the worse."

Extended archery areas

If you want to hunt the Cache Laketown, West Cache, Ogden, Wasatch Front or Uintah Basin extended archery areas, please remember the following:

For more information, call the nearest Division of Wildlife Resources office or the DWR's Salt Lake City office at 801-538-4700.