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Fishing is heating up near the shore

If you like to catch trout from the shore, pay attention to Utah's fishing reports — some of the best shore fishing of the year is about to begin.

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Fast fishing in southern Utah

Right now is a great time to dust off your fishing gear and head to your favorite lake or reservoir in southwestern Utah. Some great early-spring fishing is waiting for you.

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Catch big fish in northeastern Utah

A week of warm weather and a howling windstorm have changed the face of reservoirs in the lower elevations of the Uinta Basin. The reservoirs have gone from an ice- and snow-covered shade of white to sprinkles of blue to large expanses of blue open water, which means a couple of weeks of great fishing for larger fish are about to begin.

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Spring fishing is almost here

As the weather gets warmer, hungry fish in northern Utah — trapped under a layer of ice all winter long — are getting more active. And so are anglers. They're getting their fishing gear ready to fish open water during that magical, early-spring period called ice off.

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Checkpoints for boaters and anglers

The Division of Wildlife Resources will conduct administrative checkpoints for boaters and anglers across Utah this spring, summer and fall. At these checkpoints, officers will inspect watercraft and monitor compliance with the state's fishing regulations.

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Learn to catch walleyes

Many Utah walleye anglers think the spring spawn is the best time to fish for walleyes. In reality, the best walleye fishing doesn't start until after the spawn. And, in Utah, good walleye fishing can be found through the summer and fall.

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DWR sergeant earns Medal of Valor

Division of Wildlife Resources Sergeant Mitch Lane responded to a lightning strike during the 2012 Utah dove hunt, saving the lives of two hunters. For his actions, Lane has received a Medal of Valor from the Utah Peace Officers Association (UPOA).

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Biologists move bighorn sheep

Biologists with the Division of Wildlife Resources moved 16 bighorn sheep from the Moab area to San Juan County recently. The crew moved four rams, seven ewes and five lambs.

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Wild turkeys relocated from So. Dakota

The Division of Wildlife Resources relocated more than 100 Merriam's turkeys from South Dakota to eastern Utah on Jan. 17. The project is part of DWR efforts to increase Utah's turkey population.

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Pheasants released in three counties

Nearly 2,000 pheasants — paid for by Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife (SFW) — were released in Sevier, Wayne and Millard counties. Division of Wildlife Resources biologists and SFW members released the birds on state-owned wildlife management areas that are open to public hunters.

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