Waterfowl hunting

2017 waterfowl hunt opener conditions

Public Shooting Grounds Waterfowl Management Area

Water conditions: Most of the impoundments will be full or near full for the Youth Waterfowl Hunt. All of the impoundments will be full by the general opener. A summer drawdown was implemented on Duck (Rest Area) and Hull lakes. Summer drawdowns help wetlands flush out contaminants, release nutrients and solidify soils. The drawdowns also allowed managers to flush out and kill invasive carp. All of these factors will help increase pondweed production in the future. These ponds, however, may hold fewer birds than usual this year because there is little pondweed right now—though some pondweed may bounce back before hunting season. The water levels on Hull Lake should be close to full by the youth opener. There could be a few areas that will still be shallow and hard to get to with boats.

Both Pintail and Wigeon ponds have excellent pondweed production this year. The area south of Hull Lake has been dry all summer and will not start to receive water until around the first week of October, once Duck and Hull lakes fill to capacity. The areas south and west of Wigeon Lake have had good water for most of the summer. These areas went dry in July, but water has been spilling over the impoundments since the first week of August. All of the ponds on North Public have had good water all summer, with good-to-excellent pondweed growth.

Access: All of the roads and parking lots have been, or will be, mowed and graded before the Youth opener. The silt and mud have been cleaned out behind the boat launches on Hull and Pintail lakes, which should allow for improved boat launching.

Waterfowl use: Bird numbers are good and building daily. You can see mallard, pintail, green-winged teal, gadwall, cinnamon teal and some redheads right now. There are also numerous Canada geese. Wigeon are starting to show up in good numbers.

General information: The gates will open on September 21, 2017. Camping is allowed, but there are no facilities available. Fires are the responsibility of the camper. Please respect posted signs and regulations along with the regulations in the Utah Waterfowl Guidebook.

Widgeon Lake is now a non-motorized boat lake. Pintail Lake allows motorized and non-motorized boats.

Hunt early and often.