Waterfowl hunting

2017 waterfowl hunt opener conditions

Ouray National Wildlife Refuge

Marsh conditions: There will be water in all of the Leota Bottom impoundments for the 2017 waterfowl hunt opener.

Access: Access into this area is limited to foot, bicycle, horseback, canoes or small boats with electric motors only.

Waterfowl use: Overall bird numbers are average to above average. Current species composition includes mallards, shovelers, gadwalls and teal.

General information: Leota Bottom is the only area on the Ouray NWR that is open to duck, goose or coot hunting. You cannot hunt snipe, swan or sandhill crane at Ouray. You cannot hunt waterfowl within 100 yards of the Green River. For more detailed information please read the Ouray National Wildlife Refuge Hunting and Fishing Regulations brochure or call 435-545-2522.