Waterfowl hunting

2017 waterfowl hunt opener conditions

Fish Springs National Wildlife Refuge

Water conditions: There are normal full water conditions in the Avocet, Mallard and Curlew units. Within the Harrison unit, slough impoundments below North Spring also have normal full water conditions. The Harrison main pool and the Shoveler unit were drawn down during spring and summer, and will be refilled during fall. The Pintail unit will begin the season with a reduced pool level, but will be refilled during fall. Following two years of being de-watered for major maintenance, the Special Blind Area for hunters with disabilities is at normal full water levels and supports high-quality habitat conditions.

Access: The infrastructure rehabilitation and access improvements for the Special Blind Area for hunters with disabilities are complete. This area now includes a new, third blind.

Waterfowl use: Overall bird numbers are average. There has been high use in the Special Blind Area.

General information: General hunting information, updated periodically, is available by calling 435-693-3122 ext. 7.