Waterfowl hunting

2015 waterfowl hunt opener conditions

Clear Lake, Topaz Slough, Redmond and Bicknell Bottoms Waterfowl Management Areas

Marsh conditions

The water conditions are poor, and there is less available water for ducks and hunters. The spring flows at Clear Lake have been low all year, and it has been a long, hot and dry summer. The area south of the county road — Unit 1 — is in great condition. Unit 2 is partially full. The first unit north of the county road has had very little water in it this summer. Unit 4 is dry, but will begin filling when water becomes available because of the cooler fall temperatures—which should be around December 1. The west marsh area is dry. As the season progresses at Clear Lake, the marsh will begin to fill up.

Topaz Slough is about 30% full and marsh conditions are poor. There is fair habitat available around the water. Topaz is dependent on runoff irrigation and will become drier as the season progresses. Conditions are fair for the opener, but the marsh is drier than last year. Hunters should bring bug spray to Topaz.

Redmond has good conditions on small impoundments and also has foot access to the Sevier River.

Bicknell Bottoms conditions are excellent. The water levels are good, and waterfowl numbers are up.

Water conditions

The Clear Lake units south of the county road will be partially full: Unit 1 will be full and Unit 2 will be half-full. The units north of the county road will fill as water becomes available because of the cooler weather. Remember: Clear Lake is very shallow, so only non-motorized boats are allowed.

Topaz Slough water conditions are fair.

Redmond's small impoundments water conditions are good.

Bicknell Bottoms water conditions are good.

Waterfowl use

Clear Lake duck numbers increase as the season progresses. Good numbers of ducks show up as soon as the weather becomes colder. Numbers are expected to peak around December 1. Wigeon, mallards, pintails and green-winged teal are the most common ducks at Clear Lake.

Topaz Slough has had permanent water in it for the last couple of years and now holds a decent number of ducks. It's is an underused area that has great hunting at times. There are large numbers of green-winged teal, pintails and mallards at Topaz.

There are good numbers of ducks and geese at Bicknell Bottoms. Bicknell offers the best hunting early in the season, and late in the season when conditions are very cold. Bicknell Bottoms can also have a very good late season goose hunting.

Redmond is generally better for duck hunting earlier in the season.

Other items

All of the areas allow only non-motorized boats because of shallow water conditions. You can camp in parking lots, and fires are permitted. ATVs are prohibited on all of the listed areas.

Shooting hours have changed for the pheasant hunt opener. Clear Lake, Redmond and Bicknell Bottoms are all good places to try pheasant hunting or to get away from the crowds. Each area is open for pheasant hunting for 30 days and has excellent habitat for the birds. Read check the Utah Upland Game & Turkey Guidebook for details.

The youth waterfowl hunt will be held on September 19, 2015. There are also youth pheasant hunts in these areas. Read the Utah Waterfowl Hunting Guidebook for dates and times.