What to know about group applications

Group applications allow you and your friends and family to apply together. A group application makes it possible for every member of the group to obtain a permit. If the application is not successful, however, then no one in the group will obtain a permit. For more information about group applications, read Utah Admin. Rule R657-62-7 and R657-62-19

Groups with nonresidents

Residents and nonresidents can apply together in a group. However, some hunts may not have enough nonresident permits for your group size which could make your group unsuccessful in the drawing. Consider the following examples:

  1. Your group is made up of 1 resident and 2 nonresidents. If there is only 1 nonresident permit available, your group can't draw the permit unless there are leftover resident permits. That circumstance is extremely rare.
  2. Your group is made up of 1 resident and 1 nonresident. There are lots of resident permits and 1 nonresident permit. Because of the drawing process, the 1 nonresident permit will be issued randomly after the bonus point round. This means that there is almost no chance of this group drawing the permit. Look for a hunt that has at least 2 nonresident permits.

Youth-only groups

The drawing issues up to 20% of the general-season deer permits specifically to youth who are age 17 or younger on July 31. Up to four youth can apply in youth-only groups and be considered for the reserved 20%. Important: When you apply in a youth-only group for the general-season deer hunt, all hunters must meet the age requirement or the application will not be processed with the other youth applications.