Utah's Conservation Permit Program provides benefits to all Utah hunters. The program raised millions of dollars that were directed back into productive and meaningful wildlife conservation projects. These projects help the DWR better fulfill its mission of serving as trustees and guardians of the state’s wildlife. The program has a track record of success and creates unique opportunities for sportsmen and women to work with the DWR in expanding wildlife populations and conserving wildlife habitat.

As a result of this program, Utahns have more wildlife species to enjoy, and hunters have a greater diversity of hunting opportunities. Translocations and population growth have also ensured the availability of more hunting permits. The DWR believes that wildlife is valuable to everyone, and the Conservation Permit Program protects and improves wildlife and wildlife habitats for all to enjoy.

See the full Conservation Permit Program Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2018(14.6 MB PDF)

Permit numbers

The PDFs below show the conservation permits issued each year since 2013.