Have you ever wanted to bring your spouse, child or friend along on a hunt and give them a chance to try hunting? Starting this fall, it will be easy to have them join you on your next trip.

Utah’s Trial Hunting Program is open to both residents and nonresidents. This program allows anyone over the age of 12 to try hunting for a few years — while accompanied by a licensed hunter over the age of 21 — before taking a Hunter Education course.

Signing up for the program

To get started, the trial hunter must:

The authorization number is valid for three years, but the trial hunter can choose to take Hunter Education at any time during that three-year period.

Before hunting, the trial hunter must:

Eligible licenses and permits

After you obtain a trial hunting authorization number, you may apply for and obtain the following licenses and permits:

Participants in the trial hunting program may not apply for or obtain the following types of big game permits: limited-entry, premium limited-entry, once-in-a-lifetime, CWMU, dedicated hunter, sportsman or convention.

Responsibilities of the supervising hunter

The hunter who will supervise the trial hunter in the field must:

The Division has monitored the progress and success of trial/apprentice hunting programs in 35 other states, and these programs have exceptional participation and safety records. This program will simplify the process of allowing people to hunt for the first time with those they love and respect.