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Strawberry Reservoir

Reservoir and valley statistics


Soldier Creek Dam

  • Dam type: Zoned Earthfill
  • Volume: 3,200,000 cubic yards
  • Maximum height: 272 feet
  • Crest length: 1,290 feet
  • Crest width: 30 feet
  • Crest elevation: 7,612 feet MSL
  • Height above stream bed: 241 feet
  • Upper outlet works capacity: 1,350 CFS
  • Lower outlet works capacity: 1,480 CFS
  • Spillway type: no spillway
  • Construction period: 1970-1974
  • Filled to capacity: 1998
  • Operated by: Central Utah Water Conservancy District

Strawberry Reservoir

  • Reservoir capacity at top of active storage: 1,106,500 acre-feet
  • Reservoir surface area at top of active storage: 17,164 acres
  • Reservoir capacity at bottom of active storage: 155,140 acre-feet
  • Reservoir surface area at bottom of active storage: 6,770 acres
  • Depth at maximum pool: 200 feet

Weather and climate

  • Yearly precipitation: 23-25 inches (most in the form of snowfall)

Strawberry Valley watershed

  • Watershed description: The watershed ranges from open mountain valleys composed of sagebrush-grassland communities to moderately steep mountain ridges made up of mixed conifer and aspen to spruce-fir communities.
  • Watershed area: 123,216 acres
    • Miles of Perennial Tributary Streams: 170 miles
    • Lands Administered by: Uinta National Forest Service, Heber Ranger District

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