Last modified: Wednesday, March 22, 2017
Strawberry Reservoir
Strawberry Reservoir

Plan your fishing trip to Strawberry
In addition to providing year-round fishing opportunities, Strawberry is a popular camping and boating destination.

Background and history
Strawberry Reservoir dates back to 1922 and is Utah's premier cold-water fishery.

Fisheries management program
The Strawberry Valley Fishery Complex is carefully managed to ensure achievement of well-defined objectives.

Current status and trends
Find out more about fish populations in Strawberry Reservoir.

Reservoir and valley statistics

Current fishing regulations
Strawberry Reservoir has several special fishing regulations.

Strawberry Reservoir brochure
PDF version of the brochure Strawberry Reservoir Fishing Regulations and Fish Identification — (PDF format, 1.2 MB)

Improve fishing through catch & release
The Division of Wildlife Resources encourages catch & release fishing at Strawberry because it helps sustain a quality cutthroat fishery.

Watchable wildlife programs
The spawning runs of kokanee salmon and cutthroat trout attract many visitors to the valley each year.

Boating and ice safety
The combination of water and unpredictable weather contribute to many tragic accidents at Strawberry; here are a few precautions and tips.

Fish species information
Learn more about the species of fish you might catch or observe at Strawberry Reservoir.