If you are planning to head out on April 1 to look for shed antlers, there are five key things you need to remember:


If you’re planning to collect antlers from April 1–15, you must complete the Antler Gathering Ethics Course and keep your antler-gathering certificate with you in the field.

  1. Through April 15, you are required to take the online Antler Gathering Ethics Course and carry the certificate of completion with you in the field.
  2. Some wildlife management areas (WMAs) are closed to all public access until mid-April. Check with the DWR regional office in your area for opening dates of these WMAs.
  3. Respect private property. You must have written permission to enter onto private property that is cultivated, properly posted or fenced in a manner designed to exclude intruders.
  4. Don't harass or disturb wintering wildlife. In some parts of the state there still may be wildlife on their winter ranges. Be aware of wildlife in the area and take care not to harass or disturb them.
  5. Don't damage the habitat or watersheds. This time of year the ground is soft and vulnerable to habitat destruction and degradation. Stay on roads and trails and obey all OHV laws and rules.

If you have any questions regarding shed antler gathering activities, you can call your local Division of Wildlife Resources office.