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Utah's conservation officers work to protect our wildlife heritage on behalf of ethical sportsmen and others who value wildlife. These dispatches represent a fraction of the ongoing efforts to protect your wildlife resources.

DWR investigating wasted bull elk on Wasatch Unit

On Sept. 25, 2015, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources received a call from a muzzleloader hunter who found a poached bull elk on the Wasatch elk unit.

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Three cow elk left to waste in Lindon

On Friday, Oct. 16, 2015, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources received a call about three cow elk carcasses that had been dumped and left to waste near the Lindon Boat Harbor at Utah Lake.

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Trophy 6x6 bull elk poached on Wasatch Unit

On Oct. 5, a hunter reported finding a dead 6x6 trophy-class bull elk that had been shot and left near Buffalo Canyon on the Wasatch elk unit. This is a spike-only hunting area during the general elk season. Conservation Officer Sean Spencer conducted an investigation and found that the elk had been shot between the eyes.

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Bull elk killed illegally on Wagon Ridge

On Oct. 9, 2015, Conservation Officer James Thomas received information about a dead 4x4 bull elk near Whit Knoll, on Wagon Ridge, off of the east side of Skyline Drive, in Sanpete County.

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Doe mule deer poached on Gentry Mountain

DWR conservation officers are seeking information about a doe mule deer that was shot and left to waste on Gentry Mountain, in Emery County. The doe was found near a horse corral in the McCadden Hollow area, and it had been shot with a broadhead-tipped arrow.

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Wildlife checkpoint in Coalville

On Oct. 18, 2015 the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) will hold an administrative checkpoint at 136 N 500 E (Chalk Creek Road) in Coalville. The checkpoint will begin operating at 10 a.m. and will end no later than 6 p.m.

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Trophy deer and elk poaching case adjudicated

During the spring of 2014, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources officers began investigating the unlawful taking of a trophy buck in San Juan County. An interview with Timothy Riffey, a San Juan County resident, revealed that he had been given highly-sought-after Elk Ridge limited entry deer permits from 2010–2012.

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Trophy bull elk poached on Book Cliffs

Conservation officers with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources received a call via the UTIP hotline on September 26, 2015, regarding a trophy bull elk that was left to waste on the Book Cliffs limited-entry unit.

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Pronghorn poached near Vernal

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources officers recenly received information through the UTIP Hotline regarding a headless buck pronghorn discovered near Vernal, UT. The pronghorn carcass was near an oil field, along the Seven Sisters Road, just north of the White River, about 35 miles south of Vernal.

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Buck deer poached on private property in Sanpete County

On Labor Day, a resident of Sanpete County notified DWR conservation officers that a buck deer had been illegally killed and left to waste on his farm near Sterling. An officer investigated and concluded that the buck deer had indeed been illegally shot and killed with a rifle during the archery-only deer season

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Elk quarters left to waste

Over Easter weekend, a concerned citizen discovered six white trash bags along Highway 40, just west of Fruitland. Four of the six bags had elk quarters inside them. The remaining two trash bags contained various parts of an elk's hide.

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