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Utah's conservation officers work to protect our wildlife heritage on behalf of ethical sportsmen and others who value wildlife. These dispatches represent a fraction of the ongoing efforts to protect your wildlife resources.

Multiple deer poached in Emery and Tooele Counties

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Conservation Officers are currently investigating and following up on two separate cases involving the alleged poaching of multiple deer. In both cases, officers believe the poaching took place over weeks or months. Suspects have been identified in each case and some charges have already been filed and others are forthcoming in the respective courts.

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Buck deer poached above Salina

In the middle of December 2015, someone poached a buck mule deer in the foothills just southeast of Salina. The individual(s) who shot the deer removed its head and left the rest of the animal to waste.

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DWR seeks information about suspicious buck death in Iron County

Between Dec. 6 and 10, 2015, an injured buck deer was seen walking in the Shurtz Canyon area of Iron County. According to residents, it appeared to have been shot in the abdomen. On Dec. 11, residents in the area found the deer dead and contacted the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

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Several deer poached in Sanpete County

There have been several mule deer poached in Sanpete County recently and DWR conservation officers need your help bringing these poachers to justice.

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Bull elk poached in Fish Lake unit in Sevier County

On October 9, 2015, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Officer Eric Bond responded to a report of 5-point bull elk was shot during the spike-only hunt on the Fish Lake limited-entry elk unit in Sevier County.

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Doe poached in Currant Creek area

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources officers were contacted through the Utah Turn in a Poacher (UTIP) hotline regarding a dead doe that appeared to have been shot.

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6x6 bull elk shot and left on Wasatch unit

On Saturday, October 3, 2015, the opening day of the spike hunt, a 6x6 bull elk was shot and left to waste on the Wasatch limited-entry elk unit.

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Sportsman's tip helps catch deer poacher in Uintah County

On the night of Nov. 9, 2015, DWR Conservation Officer Larry Wheatcraft and Sergeant Randy Scheetz received a call from a concerned sportsman about spotlighting near the Diamond Mountain limited-entry hunting unit, northeast of Vernal.

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Trophy buck deer left to waste on Diamond Mountain unit

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Conservation Officers were contacted on October 20 about a trophy buck deer left to waste on the Diamond Mountain limited-entry unit.

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Juab County trappers sentenced

During the winter of 2014-2015, DWR conservation officers began investigating the illegal trapping activities of two men in San Juan County. The investigation revealed that two men set dozens of traps and would not return to check them for as long as two weeks.

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Two trophy bull elk investigated in the Book Cliffs

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Conservation Officers received information concerning two trophy bull elk recently discovered less than 3/4-mile from one another in the Book Cliffs Unit.

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