Hunt tables, maps and boundaries

Hunt 4084: Antlerless elk

Plateau, Boulder West

Season dates

11-17-2014 to 12-5-2014

Species: Antlerless elk

Weapon: Any legal weapon

Plateau, Boulder West


Garfield, Piute, Sevier and Wayne counties--Boundary begins at SR-24 and SR-62; south SR-62 to SR-22; south on SR-22 to the Antimony-Widtsoe road; south on this road to SR-12; east on SR-12 to Escalante; north cross country across the Boulder Mountain in a straight line to McGath Lake; north cross country in a straight line to Purple Lake; north cross country in a straight line to Lookout Peak; north cross country in a straight line to Bicknell and SR-24; west on SR-24 to 2860 S (Big Rocks road); north and west on this road to Loa and SR-24; north on SR-24 to SR-62. Excludes all CWMUs. USGS 1:100,000 Maps: Escalante, Loa. Boundary questions? Call Cedar City office, 435-865-6100. This map is provided for general reference only and does not constitute a legal hunt boundary. The Division does not guarantee access to any private or public land. Hunt unit boundaries may include private property or other excluded areas.