Hunt tables, maps and boundaries

Hunt 6703: Once-in-a-lifetime species Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep

Box Elder, Pilot Mtn (Rocky Mountain bighorn)

Season dates

8-31-2013 to 10-30-2013


Permits split between States

Type: Once-in-a-lifetime species

Species: Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep

Weapon: Any legal weapon

Box Elder, Pilot Mtn (Rocky Mountain bighorn)


Box Elder and Tooele counties Boundary begins at SR-30 and the Utah-Nevada state line east on SR-30 to the township line separating Range 15 West and Range 16 West south along this township line to I-80 then west on I-80 to the Utah-Nevada state line north on this state line to SR-30. Hunters with this permit may hunt Nevada’s portion of this interstate unit (091) and abide by Nevada laws. USGS 1:100,000 Maps: Newfoundland Mtns., Bonneville Salt Flats, Wells, Wendover. Boundary questions? Call the Ogden office, 801-476-2740. This map is provided for general reference only and does not constitute a legal hunt boundary. The Division does not guarantee access to any private or public land. Hunt unit boundaries may include private property or other excluded areas.