Hunt tables, maps and boundaries

Monroe/Mt Dutton/Plateau


Garfield, Piute, Sevier and Wayne counties--Boundary begins at US-89 and I-70 near Sevier; south on US-89 to SR-12; east on SR-12 to the Burr Trail at Boulder; east on this trail to the Notom road; north on this road to SR-24; east on SR-24 to the Caineville Wash road; north along the Caineville Wash road to the Cathedral Valley road; west on the Cathedral Valley road to Rock Springs Bench and the Last Chance Desert road; north on the Last Chance Desert road to the Blue Flats road; north and east on the Blue Flats road to the Willow Springs road; north on the Willow Springs road towards Windy Peak and the Windy Peak road; west on the Windy Peak road to SR-72; north on SR-72 to I-70; west and south on I-70 to US-89 near Sevier. EXCLUDES an area around Lyman and the agricultural fields beginning in Loa at the junction of SR-72 and SR-24; north and east on SR-72 to the Highline Irrigation Canal; south along this canal to Bicknell and SR-24; west on SR-24 to 2860 S (Big Rocks road); north and west on this road to Loa and the junction of SR-72 and SR-24. EXCLUDES ALL NATIVE AMERICAN TRUST LANDS WITHIN THIS BOUNDARY. EXCLUDES ALL NATIONAL PARKS. EXCLUDES ALL CWMUs. USGS 1:100,000 Maps: Beaver, Loa, Richfield, Salina Escalante, Panguitch. Boundary questions? Call the Cedar City office, 435-865-6100. This map is provided for general reference only and does not constitute a legal hunt boundary. The Division does not guarantee access to any private or public land. Hunt unit boundaries may include private property or other excluded areas.

There are no hunts listed on this boundary