Hunt tables, maps and boundaries

Southwest Desert, Milford Flat


Beaver County--Boundary begins at SR-130 and the flood control road just south of the Minersville city limits; west on this road to the Kearn River pipeline right-of-way; north along this right-of-way to the Thermo road; west on this road to the large transmission power lines; north along these power lines to SR-21; east on SR-21 to the Union Pacific Railroad tracks in Milford; northeast on these tracks 2 miles; east cross-country to a point 1 mile due east; southwest 2 miles along an imaginary line 1 mile east of and parallel to the Union Pacific Railroad tracks; southeast approximately 5 miles along an imaginary line 1 mile east and parallel to SR-21 to a point due east of mile post 83; due west cross country to this mile post on SR-21; south on SR-21 to SR-130; south on SR-130 through Minersville to the flood control road. This hunt is comprised of all or largely private property. Hunters should acquire written permission from the landowner before applying for this hunt. Note, all areas within the Milford and Minersville City limits are closed by city ordinance to the discharge of firearms. Excludes all CWMUs. USGS 1:100,000 Maps: Beaver, Wah Wah Mountains South. Boundary questions? Call Cedar City office, 435-865-6100. This map is provided for general reference only and does not constitute a legal hunt boundary. The Division does not guarantee access to any private or public land. Hunt unit boundaries may include private property or other excluded areas.

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