Hunt tables, maps and boundaries

Nine Mile, Anthro-Myton Bench


Duchesne and Uintah counties Boundary begins at Duchesne and US-191 southwest on US-191 to the Argyle Canyon road southeast on this road to the Nine Mile Canyon road east along this road to its end near Bulls Canyon south from the end of this road to Nine Mile Creek east along this creek to the Green River north along this river to the Duchesne River west along this river to US-40 west on US-40 to US-191 at Duchesne. EXCLUDING ALL NATIVE AMERICAN TRUST LAND WITHIN THIS BOUNDARY. USGS 1:100,000 Maps: Duchesne, Price, Seep Ridge, Vernal. Boundary questions? Call the Vernal office, 435-781-9453. This map is provided for general reference only and does not constitute a legal hunt boundary. The Division does not guarantee access to any private or public land. Hunt unit boundaries may include private property or other excluded areas.

Hunts on this boundary

Hunt # Species Type Weapon Nonresident
EA-2008 Antlerless elk Private lands only Any legal weapon Yes 8-1-2016
PB5011 Buck pronghorn Limited-entry Archery Yes 8-19-2017
PB5037 Buck pronghorn Limited-entry Any legal weapon Yes 9-16-2017