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North San Rafael Sheep GPS Collar Search Effort

From January 22, 2014 14:52 until March 31, 2014 16:52

Description of project:  8 GPS collars with release mechanisms on desert bighorn sheep on the North San Rafael have detonated and dropped from the collard sheep.  Normally the collars would send a VHF radio signal which could be used to locate them, but in this case the batteries have prematurely died and no signal will be sent leaving the collars with 2 years of location data in unknown locations.  Volunteers are needed to search on foot for the collars which have fallen on the ground.  There is only a slight chance of finding any one of them but the search will be worth the effort if even one is found and the data from the collar retrieved.  A map will be provided to each volunteer so they will know where to focus their time and a GPS unit will need to be carried with each volunteer.  Tracks of the area walked will need to be recorded and saved to the GPS.  Any sightings of ear tagged and/or collared desert bighorn sheep need to be recorded and will need to have a GPS waypoint associated with the sighting. After the search the tracks/waypoints will be uploaded to mapping software on a computer which will identify which areas have been searched and where to send other volunteers.  A $50 reward will be given for any of these GPS collars returned to the DWR.


 Equipment needed: GPS to record tracks/waypoints, appropriate clothing for winter hiking, survival gear, binoculars/scope, paper/pencil, and possibly an ATV


Special requirements (i.e. training, background check, skill set, etc.)

Requires a GPS and the knowledge to record and save tracks and waypoints on the GPS; Reading maps. View maps on Google Earth and print map.This project requires that volunteers be physically fit having good stamina because the terrain can be difficult. If you are not physically fit this project is probably not for you. 




Number of volunteers needed:


Number of available hours per person:

30 hrs







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