Volunteers and Dedicated Hunters

From June 05, 2014 until June 12, 2014
Do you like clean ponds? We do! There are 3 ponds at the Lee Kay Public Shooting Range that need some cleanup. These ponds are very popular for bird watching and are occasionally used for other purposes. In efforts to maintain a clean and safe habitat for birds and fish, and in preparation for our big Outdoor Adventure Days event June 13-14, we need your help to clean up the litter that is scattered around the ponds. It can be a challenge to keep them clean due to the frequent wind and the proximity of the landfill right next door. Much of the litter can be picked up from the shore, but a small boat, canoe, or kayak may be very helpful (life preserver/floatation safety equipment laws are fully applicable). The ponds are accessible from California Avenue.

This project is open to all volunteers and would be a great project for youth groups and scouts.

To sign up, please email Bryan.

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