Volunteers and Dedicated Hunters

Bitterbrush Planting in Summit

From August 21, 2013 11:43 until December 31, 2013
The Division of Wildlife Resources is looking for Dedicated Hunters to assist with some Bitterbrush planting in Iron County. This project is taking place just south of Summit on a recent burn area. The area is a critical wintering area for mule deer and other wildlife. The project consists of using seed planters to plant seeds in the soil across the burn area. 8 hours are available for dedicated hunters. This project is available for an unlimited amount of people. There are multiple dates available for this project. Contact Tyrell at 435-559-3482 or Blaine at 435-559-0798 to sign up for the project or to inquire about project dates.

Hours available: 8

Tyrell Orme @ 435-559-3482 or Blaine Cox @ 435-559-0798

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