Staying safe in cougar country

Information about living and recreating in areas where cougars live

Cougar photo

What to do if you meet an aggressive cougar

Cougars are exciting animals to see in the wild and rarely cause problems for humans. Although unlikely to happen, you should know how to react if you encounter an aggressive cougar:

Facts about cougars

Living in cougar country

If you live in cougar country, here are a few guidelines to make your property safer:

Playing in cougar country

If you recreate in cougar country, here are a few guidelines to make your experience safer:

Whom to call if you meet a cougar

If you encounter a cougar in a residential area, or if you have an aggressive encounter with a cougar, please alert the Division of Wildlife Resources.

During regular office hours, please call the DWR office closest to you. A Division employee will notify a conservation officer of your encounter or transfer you directly to law enforcement personnel. If the encounter or sighting occurs after hours or on the weekend, please call the police, who can contact a conservation officer to handle the situation.