Last modified: Thursday, July 24, 2014

Trespass laws of specific interest to hunters and anglers

1. Written permission is required to enter or cross properly posted private property.

2. Written permission is also required to access unposted private property if:

  • The soil has been loosened or broken up for the raising of crops
  • There are crops on the land
  • The land is a pasture irrigated by a sprinkling system or ditches

3. In addition, those taking wildlife while trespassing may be charged with an additional Class B Misdemeanor for illegally taking wildlife. The harvested wildlife is also subject to seizure.

Landowner permission card: For your convenience, we have posted a landowner permission card. Print out this card and ask the landowner to fill in the information and sign it. If you are unable to obtain written permission, you may not enter the property.