When deer, elk, pronghorn or turkey cause agricultural damage, the Division may hold hunts — called depredation hunts — that are not listed in the hunting guidebook or online. Depredation hunts occur on short notice, involve small areas and are limited to a few hunters. The majority are antlerless big game hunts or either-sex turkey hunts.

If you're interested in participating in depredation hunts, click "proceed" below and fill out the application to be entered into the depredation hunter pool.

If you participate in a depredation hunt, please remember, you may NOT obtain two buck deer, two bull elk permits or two turkey permits in a single year. You may obtain a buck deer permit and an antlerless deer permit, a bull elk permit and antlerless elk permit, or two antlerless elk permits. You can only have one pronghorn permit. If you have successfully harvested a turkey during the calendar year, you will not be eligible to participate in a turkey depredation hunt.

The online depredation hunter pool application system will accept applications from July 1 through January 31. Applicants must complete a new online application each year. Applicants will be removed from the hunter pool database if the applicant has requested to be removed or has successfully harvested an animal.

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