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Utah's upland game slams


Slams are completed when a hunter harvests the following species. Hunters will receive a coin for each slam completed.

Earn coins like these when you complete Utah's Upland Game Slams.

The Upland Game Slam program is a partnerships between the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and multiple conservation organizations and sponsors to encourage hunters to harvest the variety of species available across the state and to help fund upland game-related projects. Each slam is an accomplishment that you can pursue and commemorate with a collectable coin.

First Fur or Feather — any legal upland game species in Utah

Forest Fliers — dusky and ruffed grouse (1 dusky grouse and 1 ruffed grouse)

Gobbler Getter — any fall or spring turkey

Long Tail Limit — pheasant limit (2 rooster pheasants in a day)

Cotton Jack Slam — cottontail rabbit and jackrabbit (1 or more of each)

Utah Upland Game Ultimate Slam*

*May accomplish in one or more years.

Utah Youth Upland Game Ultimate Slam**

**Youth are persons 17 years old and younger.

How to participate

Upland Game Slam vouchers can be purchased at any license agent or on the DWR online sales system. (Vouchers purchased online may take up to two weeks to arrive.) The cost of participating in the slam is $10 for youth, 17 or younger, and $20 for adults. Vouchers look similar to hunting licenses and are printed on license paper. The voucher needs to be presented at a qualifying Upland Slam location (see below) to receive a slam card. A slam card is needed to participate in the slam.

When you harvest game animals for a slam, take a picture of yourself with both your slam card and harvested animals visible. Snap shots on a phone, etc. are sufficient; there is no need to print the photos to redeem your slam. Animals for the Mountain and Desert slams may be harvested throughout the season, and they do not need to appear in the same photo. For Long Tail Limit and Blister Slams, have your daily bag limit (2 pheasant, 5 chukar) visible in one photo.

To receive a collectable coin for each slam, present a picture of your harvest, along with your hunting license and slam card at qualifying locations.

See addition directions below for redeeming Ultimate Slams.

The 2017–2018 slam cards and coins are available now.

General rules

Participating locations

Completing an Ultimate Slam

Each award for Ultimate Slams will be personalized with the successful hunter's name. Since Ultimate Slam awards are personalized we do not have the Ultimate Slam awards at retail locations.

To complete your Ultimate Slam email, send by mail, or visit the Salt Lake DWR office with:

Send to:

  • Avery Cook
    Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
    Suite 2110
    1594 W. North Temple
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84114
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How the money will be spent

Money raised from the Upland game Slam will be used for specific projects on the division's upland game management areas and public lands, projects will include transplants to increase upland game distributions and habitat improvement projects.

The following list of projects will be completed with Upland game Slam money:

Additional projects will be added as they come available.

Where to hunt certain species

See the 2015-16 Utah Upland Game and Turkey Guidebook hunt tables for distribution maps and the species identification pages in the back for information on species identification and general habitat, or contact your local DWR biologist.

You can also find places to hunt upland game on the Recreation Access Map.

New slams

Each year new slams will be created to challenge hunters. Check back next year to see what slams will be available!