Northern Region report

Information compiled by Rachael Tuckett

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Bear Lake


As of Jan. 4, Bear Lake had about 18 inches of snow on the ground. That may have increased in recent days. Ice has formed inside the marina and is starting to form on the lake. For current conditions, see the Bear Lake State Park website. Ice is also forming on some of the launch ramps. Please use caution. The State Park has pulled the courtesy docks at all locations except the State Park marina. If you are launching from east-side locations, come prepared to launch without a dock. The water level at Rainbow Cove is low, so if you are launching a larger boat, be careful about not backing your trailer off the end of the concrete ramp. There is a large drop-off at the end of the ramp that could ruin a trailer axle. There is a fair amount of floating ice on the lake, so be careful when boating. Fishing for lake trout and cutthroat trout has been very good for anglers who are jigging and trolling off the rockpile area. If you're jigging, use tube jigs tipped with cisco or sucker meat. If you're trolling with downriggers in these same locations, use Rapalas or minnow-type lures, including spoons. Try the area off the rockpile near Ideal Beach, the rockpiles just north of the Utah State Park marina, and the area off South Eden/Cisco Beach in depths of 35 to 70 feet. Anglers are also catching a few fish while casting from the shore at Cisco Beach and off the State Park marina dikes. Use larger spoons or large spinners (#5 or #6) at this time of year. Please remember, if you catch a cutthroat trout that doesn't have a healed fin clip, you must release it. (01-06-17)

Blacksmith Fork River


Fishing should be good. Use caution: temperatures are below freezing and there may be dangerous ice shelves along the bank. (01-13-17)

Bountiful Lake


There is more open water because of the recent rain and warmer weather — especially on the north end. Anglers reported four or five inches of ice on the southeast end. Use extreme caution because the ice depths will vary across the lake and there is slush on top. (01-13-17)

Causey Reservoir


Anglers report slow fishing. Use extreme caution if you're accessing the reservoir. There is open water on the edges and slush on top of the ice. (01-13-17)

East Canyon Reservoir & State Park


East Canyon State Park reported that there is six feet of open water on the edges. The park recommends that anglers stay off the ice. For current ice conditions, visit the East Canyon State Park Facebook page. (01-13-17)

Echo Reservoir


Trout fishing has been good. Ice depth varies across the reservoir and there are two to four feet of open water around the edges, so use extreme caution when you access the reservoir. There's also three to five inches of slush on top of the ice. (01-13-17)

Farmington Pond


Fishing is slow. The pond has three to five inches of ice. The safest ice is on the west end. There is open water under the east end dock and up to five inches of slush on top of the ice. Be very cautious if you access the pond, because the ice depth varies. (01-13-17)

Holmes Creek Reservoir


There are three to five feet of open water around the edges because of the recent rain and warmer weather. There is also up to five inches of slush on top of the ice. Be very cautious if you access the reservoir, because the ice depth varies. (01-13-17)

Hyrum Reservoir & State Park


Fishing is fair. Anglers are having the most success using shrimp. Before the rain and warmer weather, Hyrum had six to eight inches of ice. Be very cautious on the ice around the edges. There is also six to 12 inches of slush on top of the ice. (01-13-17)

Jensen Nature Park Pond

Unstable ice

The ice is unstable and there is open water around the pond. (01-13-17)

Kaysville Ponds

Unstable ice

The ice is unstable and there is two to four feet of open water along the edges because of the recent rain and warmer weather. There is also some open water in the middle of the ponds and on the north end of the ponds. We recommend that you stay off of the ice. (01-13-17)

Logan River


Fishing should be good, but ice shelves are forming and access is becoming more difficult with each storm. (01-13-17)

Lost Creek Reservoir


There haven't been any reports of safe ice. On December 30, there was no ice on the reservoir. (01-13-17)

Mantua Reservoir


The ice is still six to eight inches thick with up to 12 inches of slush on top. Fishing has slowed, but anglers are reporting fair fishing for trout and bluegill using wax worms and mealworms. You may also want to try using a green ratfinky and wax worm. Anglers also report good fishing while jigging for bass and perch using a Swedish pimple. (01-13-17)

Ogden River


Fishing has slowed because of the weather. Snow is making access difficult too. (01-13-17)

Pineview Reservoir


Conservation officer Derek Christensen reports that anglers are catching perch. Anglers report the best fishing using small jigs tipped with mealworms or wax worms. Pink- and orange-colored jigs are working best. Officer Christensen recommends caution, because the ice thickness varies across the reservoir. Be very cautious when you access the reservoir: there is open water around the edges and unstable ice near the edges. One angler reported that there are six to eight inches of ice with four inches of slush on top. (01-13-17)

Rockport Reservoir


Fishing is good for anglers using jigs. The state park reported five to six inches of ice last weekend around most of the reservoir, and seven to nine around the dam. The recent rain and warmer weather, however, means that you should be very cautious on the edges of the reservoir because there is open water. One angler reported patches of unsafe ice — especially near the edges. (01-13-17)

Uinta Mountains


You'll need a snowmobile to access the North Slope lakes and Provo River Drainage Lakes on SR-150. Be prepared for winter survival. (01-13-17)

Weber River


Fishing is fair. Wes Johnson, from the Ogden area chapter of Trout Unlimited, reported that there is a lot of ice along the edges, but very little open water. He predicts that the cold weather in the forecast should improve the ice conditions. (01-13-17)

Willard Bay Reservoir


One angler reported slow fishing in the north marina. (01-13-17)


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