Northern Region report

Information compiled by Erica Savage

Attention: Quagga and zebra mussels are a major threat to Utah waterways. Read how you can help keep them out of Utah.

Current water levels: See current water levels for rivers and lakes across Utah.

Bear Lake


The water level has dropped about 3.5 feet this year, but you can still launch a boat in Utah at the State Park marina, 1st Point, Cisco Beach and the Rainbow Cove boat ramps. Courtesy docks are in the water at all locations. In Idaho, you can launch at the North Beach ramp.

The road on the east side of the lake in Utah is being repaved. It's now completely paved from Laketown to the Idaho State line. This will provide much easier access on the east side of Bear Lake to the boat ramps and fishing areas along the shore.

Fishing is good for cutthroat and lake trout. Anglers are catching fish by trolling with downriggers and minnow-type lures off Cisco Beach, Rainbow Cove and North Eden. Try trolling very shallow water in the rocky shoreline areas. Anglers are catching fish at 10 feet out of 60 foot deep water. Try fishing shallow depths in the mornings and move out deeper as the sun comes up. Some anglers are also catching cutthroat and lake trout by trolling and jigging off the Gus Rich Point/Rockpile area. If you are jigging for trout, use tube jigs or swim baits in various colors in 1/2- to one ounce sizes, and three to six inches long tipped with cisco, sucker meat or Gulp minnows. White, green and chartreuse are reliable colors. Shore fishing is fair to good for cutthroat and lake trout casting large spinners and spoons off the Utah State Park marina and off the Cisco Beach.

The Bonneville whitefish should begin their spawning run the week after Thanksgiving. The run will continue through the first two weeks of December. There have been no reports of anyone catching whitefish yet, but we will continue to monitor and report on the run once it gets going.

The trout limit is two fish. You may keep cutthroat trout that have a fin clip, but you must immediately release any cutthroat trout that have all fins intact. Lake trout take a long time to reach large sizes. They are legal to keep, but many anglers are encouraging other anglers to release them so that they can grow larger. (11-16-18)

Blacksmith Fork River


Anglers report good fishing for brown trout. Brown trout become aggressive this time of year as they prepare to spawn. Try using streamers, egg patterns, spinners and flash lures. (11-09-18)

Bountiful Lake


Fishing is good for rainbow trout. Successful anglers have had luck using orange PowerBait and panther martin spinners. (11-16-18)

Causey Reservoir


Fishing is good for tiger and rainbow trout in the 10- to 12-inch range. Try using pink or orange PowerBait, shad minnows, trout magnates or nightcrawlers. (11-16-18)

East Canyon Reservoir & State Park


Fishing has been great. Boat anglers have been catching trout and a few wiper using pop gear and worms. Shore anglers have had success using PowerBait. Anglers are seeing brown trout on the south end of the lake near the inlet. (11-16-18)

Echo Reservoir


The water levels are low. The reservoir is at 11 percent of capacity. Anglers have had success fishing along the shoreline and using chartreuse PowerBait. (11-09-18)

Farmington Pond


Fishing is good for rainbow trout. Try using yellow PowerBait or salmon eggs. (11-16-18)

Holmes Creek Reservoir


Fishing is good for rainbow trout. Successful anglers have had luck using crank baits, spinners and rooster tails. Pink, purple and silver have been reliable colors. (11-16-18)

Hyrum Reservoir & State Park


Anglers report good shore fishing for rainbow trout at the beach and in the south end of the reservoir. Try using green or yellow-and-garlic PowerBait, jointed jigs, spoons or worms. (11-16-18)

Jensen Nature Park Pond


Anglers report good fishing for rainbow trout on the west end of the pond. Try using spoons, bread dough or artificial lures. (11-16-18)

Kaysville Ponds


Fishing is good for rainbow trout off the dock. Successful anglers have been using spinners and worms. (11-16-18)

Logan River


Fishing is good for trout. Try using black-and-gold spinners, salmon eggs, egg patterns or midge hatches. (11-09-18)

Lost Creek Reservoir


Anglers report good fishing for rainbow and cutthroat trout in the 16- to 18-inch range. Successful anglers have had luck using a paddle bugs tipped with a worm or fishing off the bottom with a nightcrawler. (11-16-18)

Mantua Reservoir


The water temperature is 42°F. Anglers report good fishing for rainbow trout on the west shoreline. Try using shrimp or a worm on a jug under a bobber. Boat anglers are catching perch using curly tails and imitation minnows. For best results, fish at depths of 1.5- to two feet. (11-16-18)

Ogden River


Fishing for rainbow trout has been good. Try using spinners, Rapalas or worms. (11-16-18)

Pineview Reservoir


Fishing is good for perch, crappie and largemouth bass. Try using crankbaits, sexy shad, silver minnows, Rapalas shad, soft jigs and bullet hooks. (11-16-18)

Rockport Reservoir


Fishing is good for the stocked rainbow trout. Shore anglers recommend fishing by the dam using garlic PowerBait. Boat anglers report good fishing by trolling at a depth of 20 to 25 feet with Rapalas and Jake's gold. Rainbow lures and Fish-Skull flies tipped with a worm have been working as well. (11-09-18)

Uinta Mountains


Fishing is good, but you need to be prepared for winter conditions. (11-16-18)

Weber River


Trout fishing is good. Successful anglers have been casting natural-color Rapalas, streamers, midge hatches and worms. (11-16-18)

Willard Bay Reservoir


Fishing for catfish has been slow to fair. Successful anglers have used whistle jigs and worms. (11-16-18)