Northern Region report

Information compiled by Nicaela Haig

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Bear Lake


The Bear Lake area received about a foot a snow this week and the temperatures have been well below freezing. Bear Lake is all open water, but there are some large sheets of ice and ice chunks floating on the lake. You can launch a boat at the Utah State Park marina, First Point, Cisco Beach and Rainbow Cove boat ramps in Utah and courtesy docks are in the water at all locations. Boat ramps have been plowed and sanded, except the Cisco Beach ramp. You can also launch a boat on the Idaho side of the lake at their East Shore State Park ramp and North Beach ramp, and those ramps have not been plowed.

The cutthroat trout and lake trout fishing is fair to good. Anglers have been catching cutthroat trout and lake trout by jigging off the Gus Rich Point/Rockpile area as well as off the pump house and Cisco Beach. Trolling has also worked well in these areas. If you are jigging for trout, use tube jigs or swim baits in various colors in 1/2- to one ounce sizes and 3 to six inches tipped with cisco, sucker meat or Gulp minnows. Reliable colors are white, green and chartreuse. If you are trolling, use minnow-type lures in #9-13 sizes and flatfish in size U-20 or larger. A squid behind a dodger can work well this time of year, too. Whitefish fishing along the weed beds south of Gus Rich Point and between First and Second Points in depths of 25 to 35 feet should also be good at this time. Use smaller jigging spoons (castmasters, buckshot, Hopkins) and tip your lures with worms or rubber salmon eggs. You can even add a small dropper ice fly about 8 to 12 feet below the main lure, and tip that with a maggot. As for shore fishing, try casting or still fishing with cisco off the Cisco Beach, Second Point and State Park marina. If you are casting, you can use large spinners, spoons or even crankbaits.

The trout limit is two fish. Cutthroat trout with a fin clip can be kept; cutthroat trout with all fins intact must be immediately released. Large lake trout take a long time to get big, and while they are legal to keep, many anglers are encouraging other anglers to release them. (02-22-18)

Blacksmith Fork River


Last week, one angler caught a few whitefish and one brown trout, but we have received very few other angler reports. Be cautious of ice shelves that may have formed with recent cold weather. (02-22-18)

Bountiful Lake


Fishing is fair. Try using PowerBait, worms and Jake lures. (02-22-18)

Causey Reservoir


Anglers were still ice fishing the middle fork of Causey two weekends ago, but fishing has been slow to fair. We have not received any detailed ice reports about Causey for the past few weeks. Use caution if you're attempting to access the ice. (02-22-18)

East Canyon Reservoir & State Park


There's ice on the reservoir, and it's better on the south end. There's at least four inches of ice some areas of the reservoir. Even with recent cold temperatures, still use extreme caution. Shore fishing has been fair. One family of anglers reported catching a couple rainbow trout this week. (02-22-18)

Echo Reservoir

Unstable ice

The ice at Echo is not safe to access right now. (02-22-18)

Farmington Pond


Fishing is fair at the pond. Anglers are having success fishing the inlet. One angler reported catching small trout on garlic PowerBait. (02-22-18)

Holmes Creek Reservoir

Unstable ice

The ice is currently unsafe. (02-22-18)

Hyrum Reservoir & State Park


The ice remaining on Hyrum is unsafe. Shore fishing is now possible in several areas. (02-22-18)

Jensen Nature Park Pond


Fishing is fair at Jensen. Try using PowerBait, worms and Jake lures. (02-22-18)

Kaysville Ponds


Fishing is fair at Kaysville Ponds. Try using PowerBait, worms and Jake lures. (02-22-18)

Logan River


Fishing has been fair to good on the river, but we have not received any angler reports for the past few weeks. Try using a Copper John nymph. Be cautious of ice shelves that may have formed with recent cold weather. (02-22-18)

Lost Creek Reservoir


Fishing has been slow at Lost Creek, according to angler reports. Two weeks ago a few anglers reported that there was some fishable ice by the boat ramp, but most everywhere else was either open water or unstable ice. We have not received any ice reports from Lost Creek since then. Recent weather and temperatures might have created some ice, but it's unstable. Use extreme caution. (02-22-18)

Mantua Reservoir

Unstable ice

According to angler reports, the ice at Mantua is not safe to access right now. (02-22-18)

Ogden River


One angler who fished the Ogden on Feb. 10 caught four fish in a couple hours: two on a midge dry fly, one on a scud and one on a red caddis pupa. The angler recommended fishing a size #18 or #20 midge dry trailing behind a bigger attractor dry fly. This angler reported lots of fish activity on the surface. Be cautious of ice shelves that may have formed with recent cold weather. (02-22-18)

Pineview Reservoir


We received a few reports of anglers continuing to fish off of Cemetery Point, but other reports indicate that ice conditions are still poor and possibly unstable in some areas. Edges are soft or open. One angler accessed the reservoir from a plank and still fell through the ice up to their knee. We received a few angler reports indicating slow fishing, suggesting that attempting to access the ice right now might not be worth it. Fish are biting light, few fish are being caught, and the fish caught tend to be smaller, according to the reports we've received. Use extreme caution as ice conditions could change with recent weather. (02-22-18)

Rockport Reservoir


On Feb. 21 the reservoir had open water on both ends and on the edge, and the remaining ice appeared to be unsafe. Use extreme caution. Shore fishing has been slow to fair for rainbow trout. (02-22-18)

Uinta Mountains


Fishing is good for rainbow trout in the frozen lakes along Mirror Lake Highway, including Trial Lake. (02-22-18)

Weber River


We received several angler reports this week that suggested good fishing for brown trout. Some of the trout caught were small and skinny. One angler said that they did best with a Rapala. Be cautious of ice shelves that may have formed with recent cold weather. (02-22-18)

Willard Bay Reservoir


Fishing is still slow at Willard this week, just as it has been for the past several weeks. (02-22-18)