Lake Powell report

Information compiled by Wayne Gustaveson,

Attention: Quagga mussels have been detected at Lake Powell. Protect other Utah waters by cleaning and draining the water from your boat before leaving Lake Powell. Your boat must be dried for 18 days before you can launch in another water. If you plan to launch sooner than that, a professional decontamination is required. Learn more about these destructive mussels.

Waterbody Report
Lake Powell

Lake elevation: 3,605 feet

Water temperatures: 48°F

Paul McNabb holds the 14-pound striper he caught while fishing with his dad on Jan. 28 at Lake Powell.
Photo courtesy of Mike McNabb

Mike McNabb of Page, Arizona went fishing with his son, Paul, earlier this week. He sent me this account of their trip:

My son, Paul, and I went out to Lone Rock Canyon, on Wednesday the 28th to see if we could catch a few stripers for dinner. We saw Wayne's pictures and story on and Ray Young's article from a couple of weeks before, so we thought we'd give it a try. Wayne said to stay close to the canyon walls, and that is what we did. On our first pass through, my son caught a two-pound striper. I was getting the boat straightened out to continue trolling, with a #9 Rapala Shad Rap (black and white), when Paul threw out next to the wall and began trolling.

Right away, I noticed a pile of rocks about 10 feet under the water and told him he would probably get snagged up. Sure enough a few seconds later he said he was snagged so I started to back up. That was when he said: I think I have a fish! I thought he had snagged the pile of rocks I just saw on the graph. Then, he pointed out that it was moving. Sure enough, he had a fish on and a big one! Of course, it took his drag out, but he played it gently, loosening the drag even more. Finally after six or seven minutes, he got a look at the fish.

He guessed it to be about eight pounds, but it looked bigger than that to me. He got it next to the boat, and I tried to get it in the net, but it slipped out. Then I tried again and was successful. The fish doubled over, hanging out of the net, but we got it into the boat. We looked at the hook, and it had barely hooked a thin piece of skin on the lip! I grabbed the camera to take a picture of the hook, when it slipped out of the fish's mouth all on its own! I can't believe he got it to the boat hooked like it was. Good fishing, Paul!

I probably would have lost the fish if it were mine! We only caught three fish in three hours, but it was definitely worth the trip. Paul once caught a 15-pound striper when he was 12 years old, just off of Lake Shore Drive. We took this fish up to Wayne's office and weighed it on his scale. It weighed in at 14.15 pounds and was 34.75 inches long. Even though it was really foggy and cold, we wanted to spend some time together and catch some fish. It turned out to be a great morning of fishing and hangin' out together. We'll have to try it again next week. Good fishing to all!

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