Green River below Flaming Gorge Dam

Image of Green River below Flaming Gorge Dam

The Green River section from Flaming Gorge dam to Colorado border is split into three sections. Section A is from the dam to Little Hole. Section B is from Little Hole to Indian Crossing in Browns Park. Section C is from Indian Crossing to the Colorado/Utah border.

Section A is high gradient, B moderate and C is slow. Highest fish densities in section A, second highest in B, lowest in C. Most fishing pressure is in section A, then B and lowest in C. Access to B and C is limited to boat and gravel road.

New Zealand mudsnails have been documented in most areas of the river. Please thoroughly clean mud and vegetation from waders, boats and fishing gear. If possible, completely dry equipment before leaving the area. A hot water bath (120� F) will kill mudsnails, and spraying equipment with 409 or a similar soap solution before drying will increase effectiveness.

Latest fishing report

The average water flow is 2,200 cfs and the temperature is in the mid 50s. See current releases from Flaming Gorge dam. To avoid the crowds, anglers should try fishing weekdays, early and late in the day, and on the lower sections of the river. Anglers are still catching some fish on the surface using big bugs like cicadas, hoppers and ants. Try using a hopper on top with a very small baetis nymph trailing 3 to four feet below. Spin fishing is good. Marabou jigs or tube jigs in earth tones, white/chartreuse and ginger are a good option in shallow or deep water. Rainbow or brown trout-patterned crankbaits also work well. Pinch down the barbs for quick release. (Last update 10-03-18)


  • Location: Daggett County
  • Directions: Drive 45 miles north of Vernal on US-191
  • Type: Blue Ribbon
  • Size: 800 to 8,000 cfs
  • Elevation: 5,600 feet
  • Hours: No restrictions
  • Likely catch: Brown Trout, Mountain Whitefish, Rainbow Trout
  • Possible catch: Cutthroat Trout
  • Regulations: To see what statewide or special regulations apply to this waterbody, please read the current Fishing Guidebook.
  • Site amenities: There are restrooms at Tailrace, Dripping Springs and Little Hole; boat ramps at Tailrace, Little Hole, Indian Crossing, Bridge Hollow, Swallow Canyon; and a trail along the river from the dam to Little Hole
  • Handicap access: Accessible areas at the dam and Little Hole