Scofield Reservoir

Fishing report

  • Rating: Fair
  • Conditions: The ice fishing season is over and the shoreline is opening up. On April 17, State Park Manager Jonathan Hunt reported that there were 50 to 100 feet of open water around much of the reservoir. Boaters will need to wait another week or more, but it's the perfect time for small watercraft like kick boats. Fishing is mixed. Experienced anglers have been doing well, while others have been going home without hooking a single fish.

    Here are a few recommendations for Easter weekend anglers:
    • Bait anglers should try using chartreuse or rainbow PowerBait with glitter in addition to a container of worms and nightcrawlers. You might also want to bring chubs, sucker meat or dead minnows. If the ice sheet is within casting distance, throw your bait onto the ice and drag it off. If not, try fishing off the bottom. If that fails, put a bobber on your line and suspend your bait at a variety of water depths. If all else fails, change your location.
    • For the anglers who prefer spincasting, try using several sizes of gold and silver Jakes Spin-a-lures and Kastmasters or, if those fail, try your favorite standbys. Retrieve at different speeds and from a variety of depths.
    • If you prefer to throw jigs, for soft plastics you should try watermelon or pumpkin with or without glitter and flecks are good choices. Plain white and brown jigs have worked well. Try working them with and without bait or scent.
    • Crankbaits can also be effective. Bring along a few with dark backs and white bellies, and a few with a green back and orange belly.
    • There will be a lot of anglers fishing at Scofield over the holiday weekend, so be there at daybreak for the best fishing.


  • Location: Carbon County
  • Directions: East on Hwy 6 approximately 50 miles from Spanish Fork, west on Hwy 96 about 10 miles.
  • Type: Blue Ribbon
  • Size: 2,815 acres
  • Elevation: 7,618 feet
  • Hours: No restrictions
  • Likely catch: Rainbow Trout, Cutthroat Trout, Tiger Trout
  • Possible catch:
  • Regulations: To see what statewide or special regulations apply to this waterbody, please read the current Fishing Guidebook.
  • Site amenities: Two state park campgrounds with boat ramps, good shore access along southeast and west shores.
  • Handicap access: Madsen Bay boat ramp provides limited handicapped access
  • Site description: Scofield provides anglers the opportunity to catch fish from either the shore or boat. Best baits from the shore include PowerBait and worms. Boat anglers should try trolling flatfish or popgear and a worm.

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