Bear Lake

Image of Bear Lake

Bear Lake provides a cold-water sport fishery mainly for cutthroat and lake trout. A Utah or Idaho fishing license is valid on the entire lake.

Bear Lake is located in a beautiful mountain setting and the blue color is produced by suspended carbonates in the water that reflect blue light.

Bear Lake and its tributaries have a number of special regulations. Please see the Fishing Guidebook for more information.

Latest fishing report

The average lake temperature is around 60 degrees. Fishing is fair to good on the lake for both cutthroat trout and lake trout. Both trolling and jigging have been working well. Anglers recommend varying the depths that you're fishing, as they're beginning to mark groups of trout in depths of 40 to 60 feet or deeper. Lure patterns that have been working well include gold and black, silver, silver and blue, or silver and green. If you're fishing deeper than 60 feet, be sure to use lures that are darker and have greater contrast. To increase your chances of success, anglers recommend fishing in the early morning or late evening. If you're jigging, try fishing in the morning between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. (Last update 06-22-18)


  • Location: Northern Utah
  • Directions: From Logan, drive 38 miles east on Highway 89
  • Type: State park
  • Size: 70,000 acres
  • Elevation: 5,924 feet
  • Hours: No restrictions
  • Likely catch: Cutthroat Trout, Lake Trout, Bonneville Whitefish
  • Possible catch: Bonneville Cisco, Bear Lake Whitefish
  • Regulations: To see what statewide or special regulations apply to this waterbody, please read the current Fishing Guidebook.
  • Site amenities: Open to fishing for all ages
  • Handicap access: This lake has handicap access in certain areas.