Bear Lake

Image of Bear Lake

Bear Lake provides a cold-water sport fishery mainly for cutthroat and lake trout. A Utah or Idaho fishing license is valid on the entire lake.

Bear Lake is located in a beautiful mountain setting and the blue color is produced by suspended carbonates in the water that reflect blue light.

Bear Lake and its tributaries have a number of special regulations. Please see the Fishing Guidebook for more information.

Latest fishing report

Boats can still be launched at the Utah State Park marina, First Point, Cisco Beach and Rainbow Cove boat ramps in Utah and courtesy docks are in the water at all locations. You can also launch a boat on the Idaho side of the lake at their North Beach ramp. Ramps have been plowed and sanded. There is about six to eight inches of snow on the ground at Bear Lake. Repaving of the road along the entire east side of the lake in Utah is now completed from Laketown to the Idaho State line. This makes access along the east side of Bear Lake to boat ramps and shore fishing areas much easier. Fishing for cutthroat trout and lake trout has been very good. Anglers are doing well by jigging in 10-feet out of 60-feet of water, depending on location. Good spots are the rockpile, Second Point and Cisco Beach. When jigging for trout, use tube jigs or swim baits in various colors in 1/2 to one ounce sizes and three to six inches long tipped with cisco, sucker meat or Gulp minnows. Reliable colors are white, green and chartreuse. Try fishing in shallow water in the mornings, and move out deeper as the sun comes up. Anglers are also doing well trolling minnow type lures and flatfish using downriggers off the rockpile and First and Second Points. You can also try trolling very shallow with flat lines along the rocky shoreline areas. Shore fishing has been good for cutthroat trout casting large spinners and spoons off the Utah State Park marina and off the Cisco Beach. You can also do quite well using large flies casting a sinking line along Cisco Beach. The Bonneville whitefish run has peaked and fishing should continue to be good through December 15 or so. There have been good reports of cutthroat trout being taken while jigging for whitefish, especially off the Utah State Park marina. Other good whitefish spots have been off Second Point, Cisco Beach and South Eden. The trout limit is two fish. Cutthroat trout with a fin clip may be kept; cutthroat trout with all fins intact must be immediately released. (Last update 12-14-18)


  • Location: Northern Utah
  • Directions: From Logan, drive 38 miles east on Highway 89
  • Type: State park
  • Size: 70,000 acres
  • Elevation: 5,924 feet
  • Hours: No restrictions
  • Likely catch: Cutthroat Trout, Lake Trout, Bonneville Whitefish
  • Possible catch: Bonneville Cisco, Bear Lake Whitefish
  • Regulations: To see what statewide or special regulations apply to this waterbody, please read the current Fishing Guidebook.
  • Site amenities: Open to fishing for all ages
  • Handicap access: This lake has handicap access in certain areas.