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Strawberry Reservoir

One of the most popular and productive fisheries in the state. Strawberry Reservoir lies in an open mountain valley with mixed conifer and aspen forests on the upper slopes. The reservoir contains four major fishing zones including the Strawberry Basin, Meadows Basin, the Narrows, and Soldier Creek Basin. Although a special regualation fishery, opportunities to catch trophy sized trout and salmon exist. The state record Bonneville cutthroat trout (26 lbs, 12 oz.) and Kokanee salmon (6 lbs.) were caught at Strawberry Reservoir in 1930 and 1995, respectively. Strawberry Valley provides a variety of fishing opportunities from catch and release fishing in the tributaries to trophy cutthroat and rainbow fishing on the reservoir. Most of the fishing pressure and catch occurs from boats. Shoreline fishing is best during the cooler seasons of spring and fall. The majority of the reservoir is fee based, but non-fee areas exist. Crayfishing is another popular pursuit.

Waterbody type

Large coldwater lake > 200 acres


Strawberry Reservoir is located at 7,602 feet of elevation in the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest. The UTM coordinates for this waterbody are 491,302.248 meters east and 4,447,229.916 meters north. Decimal degree coordinates are 40.175397 latitude and -111.102157 longitude.


For current regulations, check the Utah Fishing Guidebook.

Bait restrictions

The use or possession of live baitfish and tiger salamanders while fishing is unlawful. Use or possession of corn or hominy while fishing is unlawful. Use of live crayfish for bait is legal only on the water where the crayfish is captured. It is unlawful to transport live crayfish away from the water where they were captured. Use or possession of artificial baits which are commercially imbedded or covered with fish or fish parts while fishing is unlawful. For additional information consult Section R657-13-12 of the Administrative Rules.

Nearest town

Heber, UT

Distance to Heber, UT


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Strawberry Reservoir

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Local Names

Soldier Creek Reservoir


From Salt Lake City, head east on I-80 for 23.9 miles. Take exit 146 and merge onto US-40. Travel on US-40 for 40.4 miles. Additional directions for specific access points are included on the access point pages listed below.


Strawberry Reservoir is 17,164 acres in area.


Strawberry Reservoir has a maximum depth of 210 feet. The average depth of the reservoir is 64 feet.


The elevation of Strawberry Reservoir is 7,602 feet.

Fishing information

Sport Species

Bonneville cutthroat trout
Rainbow trout

Non-Sport Species

Redside shiner
Utah chub
Utah sucker

Angling Methods

Float Tube
Motorized boat
Non-motorized boat

Suggested Tackle

Spincast, spinning, baitcast, or fly tackle can be used successfully on this water; providing angling opportunities for the novice and the specialized angler alike. Light weight to medium-light tackle is suitable for all fish you will encounter at Strawberry Reservoir. Sinking line is recommended when fly fishing from a tube. Deepwater trolling for kokanee using downriggers can also provide anglers with great action. You can also troll for kokanees using lead-core line. A 4-foot to 6-foot leader is recommended. When trolling for kokanee use a slow speed and move in an S pattern to vary your speeds and depths. For more information on fishing tackle visit the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation Take Me Fishing website.

Suggested Bait

Cut bait from legal species, live crawfish (from Strawberry Reservoir only), salmon eggs, night crawlers, waxworms, or mealworms will provide bait anglers with great action. For tips in the use of bait go to the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation Take Me Fishing website.

Suggested Lures

Retrieve small spoons, spinners, and crankbaits for successful lure fishing. Soft plastics (tubes, curly-tail grubs) tipped with cut bait (shiner, chub, sucker) also provide good action. When trolling try pop gear and a worm or traditional lures like wedding rings or needlefish. For kokanee use tubes, hoochies, or small spoons paired with dodgers when trolling. A fly and bubble combination will also provide good action for cutthroat and rainbows. For more information on lures go to the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation Take Me Fishing website.

Fly Matrix

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Current Water or Flow Conditions

Water levels remain fairly stable throughout the year at Strawberry Reservoir. Check the Bureau of Reclamation website for information on water levels at this reservoir.

Moon Phase and Fish Conditions

For a glimpse at how moon phase, pressure, and other environmental variables may affect the bite at Strawberry Reservoir, visit .

Seasonal Environmental Conditions

Ice begins forming on Strawberry Reservoir in mid-December. Ice off varies, but usually occurs in late April/early May. Water temperatures (oF) range from the lower 40s in spring, to the low 70s in mid-summer, and back down to the 50s in the fall.

Fishing License Information

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Fish Preparation

Read more about preparing fish on the Take Me Fishing Web site

AIS Transportation Prevention

Learn more about preventing the spread of invasive species

Catch and Release Information

Learn proper catch and release technique

Biological Report

Strawberry Reservoir report

Consumption Advisories

See current fish consumption advisories

Disease Transport

To learn more on how you can help prevent the spread of whirling disease and other pathogens visit the Protect Your Waters website.

Services Description

On-site lodging is available at the Strawberry Bay Marina Lodge . Bait, fuel, lodging, restaurants, and grocery stores can all be found in the nearby town of Heber . Small, on-site general stores, are located at the Strawberry Bay marina, Renegade, Soldier Creek marina, and the Aspen Grove marina, if you need to pick-up some last minute necessities.

Access Points

Several access points are available for anglers visiting Strawberry Reservoir. These locations provide anglers with a variety of camping and access experiences. From primitive boat-in campgrounds to full-service marinas, anglers can find the amenities they need to make their trip memorable.

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