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Fish hatcheries

Mantua Hatchery

515 E Fish Hatchery Rd
Mantua, Utah 84324
(435) 723-6579


Mantua Hatchery is located in Box Elder County in the town of Mantua. To find the hatchery from I-15, take the Brigham City (1100 N) Exit, Take Highway 89 up the canyon to the Mantua exit. Go right on Wyatt Park to Main Street and turn right. At first stop sign, turn left onto Fish Hatchery Road. Follow Fish Hatchery Road to the southeast corner of the valley.

Mantua Hatchery

Historic information

The Utah State Fish and Game purchased 15 acres from the Beatrice Food Company of Chicago, Ill. in 1968. In 1970 they purchased the remaining 29 acres from Beatrice Foods. Prior to purchase, the site was used as a private fish hatchery and mink and fox ranch. The state's brood stock was originally held at Mantua Hatchery until the J. Perry Egan Hatchery was completed. Eggs were then taken from the Mantua brood and transferred to Egan Hatchery.

In 1973 the hatchery was reconstructed with a new hatchery building, raceways and up-flow bio-filters. The hatchery's primary task was to raise the threatened Bear Lake cutthroat strain from Bear Lake. Eggs were taken from Bear Lake, moved to the Mantua Hatchery, raised to three, five or seven inches, then returned to the lake. A Bear Lake cutthroat brood stock was started at Mantua in 1988 to produce eggs for other projects like Strawberry Reservoir. In 2005 a reconstruction project commenced to cover the two open spring ponds and rebuild the raceways at the bottom of the hatchery property. The new raceways took advantage of the design used at Kamas and Fountain Green to increase fish production and provide more efficient use of water.

Hatchery operation

Mantua currently has three full-time employees. Production includes the Bear Lake cutthroat brood that produces approximately 3,500,000 eggs per year. Bear Lake cutthroat, kokanee, albino rainbow, diploid and triploid rainbows are produced and stocked. Annual production with the new raceways will increase from 65,000 pounds to over 110,000 pounds.


Mantua stocks Bear Lake cutthroat fingerling, advanced fingerling and sub-catchables into Strawberry Res. and other northern Utah waters; kokanee fingerling are stocked into Strawberry Res. and Flaming George; Albino and rainbow catchables are stocked into areas lakes and streams. Annually, Mantua stocks 100,000 rainbow catchables throughout the northern Utah lakes, streams and urban waters.


Mantua is closed to visitors due to disease concerns.

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