Welcome to the Dedicated Hunter Program. You have joined a group of hunters who perform thousands of meaningful service hours annually for the benefit of Utah’s wildlife. As a Dedicated Hunter, you can rely on this website to find information about:

Certificate of Registration

After successfully drawing a place in the Dedicated Hunter Program, you will be issued a 3-year Certificate of Registration (COR) number. You will need your COR number to participate in service projects or to look up your account online. To access your COR number, visit the Check your progress webpage. Use your customer ID and birthdate to find your COR number. Note: Paper CORs are no longer issued.

Program requirements

Dedicated Hunters joining the program during or after 2019, will need to do the following requirements before a deer permit can be issued each year:

Year 1 — Complete a minimum total of 8 pre-approved service hours and the Conservation and Ethics training course.

Year 2 — Complete a total of 24 pre-approved service hours and have a current hunting or combination license. This total includes service done during the 1st year (after joining the program).

Note: If you joined the program in 2018 will continue to complete service hours as the previous program rule required: A minimum total of 16 hours must be completed to obtain the 2019 permit.

Year 3 — Complete a minimum total of 32 pre-approved service hours and have a current hunting or combination license. This total includes service done during the years 1 and 2.

If you complete the minimum annual requirements before the last week in July, your deer permit will be automatically mailed to you. After July, you’ll need to contact a DWR office and arrange to pick up your permit.

Service projects

You can starting earning service hours as soon as you are notified about being successful in the drawing. Dedicated Hunter service projects are most abundant in the spring months, and are less available in the late summer and fall. Projects are located in the areas of Utah with the greatest need, so they will change each year. There are almost 9,000 Dedicated Hunters looking for projects each year. We recommend that you do your service early in the year, and not wait until hunting season arrives.

Other DWR projects may involve fish, waterfowl, upland game, invasive species issues, fencing, shooting sports, public events, building or landscape maintenance, donation requests and other miscellaneous opportunities. These projects are offered to fulfill current DWR needs that are underfunded or understaffed.

All Dedicated Hunter service projects must be pre-approved by Utah DWR. If you make frequent visits to the Dedicated Hunter project webpage, you will have a better chance to get involved in projects that you're interested in. Projects are generally posted on the webpage until enough volunteers sign up to complete the project, and then the project listing is removed. The list is updated continually.

Find a pre-approved project

1 Visit the Available Projects page

2 Select a project

3 Contact the project leader to schedule your service

4 Arrive at the project and sign a Dedicated Hunter timesheet/volunteer agreement

5 After the project, check out with the project leader

Tracking your service

At every approved project, you will be provided with a DWR volunteer timesheet/agreement that you must sign before you can begin working. This sheet is also used to track your time of arrival and departure.

After your service project, the project leader sends your timesheet to the Regional DWR office nearest to the project location and your service hours are recorded into a database that you can monitor online. This recording process can take two to three weeks during busy times of the year.

Remember: If you ever arrive at a project that does not have a timesheet/agreement, it will not be approved for Dedicated Hunter credit.

How does DWR know if I harvested?

As a Dedicated Hunter, you help conserve wildlife by agreeing to harvest only two deer in the three-year enrollment. When your deer permit is printed, the computer system will count the permit as one of your harvests.

If you don’t take a deer during your hunt, return your deer permit (with the kill tag still attached) to any DWR office at the end of the year. Once we receive your unfilled permit/tag, we will remove that harvest count from your total.

Other permits

While in the program, you may not apply for or obtain any other general-season buck deer permit. You may apply for or obtain a limited-entry permit (limited-entry, landowner limited-entry, CWMU, conservation or convention).

If you are lucky enough to obtain one of those buck deer permits, you’ll need to choose between your Dedicated Hunter permit or the limited-entry permit.

If you harvest deer in both of the 1st and 2nd years, you may not purchase a Utah general season buck deer permit—of any kind—during the 3rd year of your enrollment.

Military service

Should you find that your three-year participation in the program is interrupted by a military deployment or mobilization, please contact a Volunteer Service Coordinator for your options.

Withdrawing from the program early

This program is a three-year commitment. Opting not to obtain the deer permits does not exempt a participant from completing the requirements of the program.

Should you encounter a situation where you cannot continue to be in the program and need to withdraw early, please review R657-38 – Dedicated Hunter Program rule and contact a Volunteer Service Coordinator to discuss the formal withdrawal process.

Contact us

Thank you for joining the Dedicated Hunter program and for supporting the DWR and wildlife in Utah. If you have questions about your participation in the program, please call or email the program contact in the closest regional office.