Poachers are thieves who steal your wildlife — turn them in!

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You may also make a report online.

The law enforcement section contributes to the success of the Division's mission through enforcement of wildlife law, ensuring compliance, educating the public and promoting the value of wildlife to all.

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News and information regarding wildlife law enforcement activities around the state.

We need your help!

Please call us toll-free to report poaching violations. Your report can remain confidential if you wish. Most wireless phone users can dial *DEER.

Earn a reward!

If you turn in a poacher, you might qualify for a substantial reward. Do yourself and the rest of us a favor by turning in wildlife thieves.

Be a good witness

Before reporting a wildlife crime, try to get as much information as you can. Learn what kind of information that officers need.

Know the consequences

Poaching is a serious crime with penalties that include fines, paying restitution, jail time, confiscation of hunting equipment, and the loss of hunting and fishing privileges.

Poaching hotline information

The DWR was one of the first wildlife agencies in the country to institute a toll-free wildlife violation report telephone line.

Becoming a conservation officer

The job of protecting wildlife and enforcing wildlife laws is important, challenging and rewarding. Find out what it takes to become a conservation officer.

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