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Evaluating vitamin C and other supplements to reduce crippling

The Silver Cup diet was fed to the June sucker for about 2 years. As it turns out this diet was not a good alternative. We began to notice high crippling rates in the majority of our lots. Most of the crippling began to show up when the fish reached a size of 120 fish/pound. Fish previously on the BioKyowa diets up to this size did not show crippling. From 1/10/96 to 1/13/97 a top dressing of vitamin C and a feed supplement were used to see if this would slow down or eliminate the crippling.

  • 1/10/96 Began top dressing vitamin boosted Silver Cup feed with 6 times the normal rate of vitamin C. We used 1 gram of vitamin C per 1.1 pounds of feed. The vitamin C was mixed with fish oil then sprayed onto the feed. We fed this to all lots at the FES facility.
  • 4/17/96 Began feeding a 1993 year class with a top dressing of Sanders Feed Supplement onto #3 vitamin boosted Silver Cup feed. The feed supplement contained carotenoids and increased vitamins C,A,D3 and E.
  • 5/29/96 We received two lots of the 1994 year class from Utah State University. The larger group had some crippling, but there was not crippling in the smaller group. Top dressing both lots with the Sanders Feed Supplement on vitamin boosted Silver Cup feed.
  • 7/11/96 We decided to switch all fish to the feed supplement. We had almost 100% crippling on the vitamin C feed. We decided to leave the 1989,91 and 92 suckers on vitamin boosted 3/32" feed.