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Feed trial 1992

In 1992 a feed trial using a mixture of BioKyowa-C and SilverCup #2 vs a mixture of Silver Cup #2 and BioDiet vs just Silver Cup #2 was conducted to evaluate the effects of each diet on feed conversion, growth and overall health. The reason for this comparison was to help reduce the feed cost. BioKyowa-C was presently being fed, which cost about $5.50/lb. In comparison the Silver Cup #2 was about 25 cents/lb and the BioDiet was about $1.00/lb.

The feed trial began 3/1/92 and ended 10/31/92. Here are the results:

Feed type Lot number Feed
 daily growth 
Feed cost/pound
of fish gain
SKJN-BYU 1.49 .004" $4.29
SilverCup SKJN-JS2 1.30 .008" $0.42
SKJN-JS7 1.03 .009" $2.97
SKJN-BYU 1.42 .004" $3.93

Note: We determined that the Silver Cup would be a good solution to reduce feed cost. Overall health and feed conversions did not seem to be compromised.