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Wildlife disease in Utah

Dead bird reporting form

To report a dead bird, please fill in as much of the form as possible. We might contact you for additional information and/or collect the bird for testing. The DWR is currently conducting tests for the avian influenza Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Avian Influenza: Asian H5N1 (avian influenza) is primarily a disease of concern for domestic poultry and waterfowl (ducks, geese, swans, shorebirds). The DWR is currently conducting surveillance to detect Asian H5N1 should it appear in Utah. Asian H5N1 has not yet been detected in North America. If you find a group of dead waterfowl (20 or more individuals), please report these birds to the DWR using this online reporting form.

Please note: Birds must have died within 24 hours to allow for any testing. Birds dead longer than 24 hours will show evidence of bugs, a bad smell and might be stiff and dried out. Get more information about diseases that affect birds.

Species or common name of bird.
If you cannot identify the bird, please describe it (i.e., length, color, markings, etc.)

Was the bird found dead?
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If no, please describe any unusual behavior before death (i.e., difficulty flying, etc.):

Does the bird have a band on its leg?
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If yes, please describe the band:

On what date did you find the bird?

What was the weather like on the day you found the bird?
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Partly cloudy to cloudy
Stormy or windy
Snowing or sleeting

If other, please describe:


What was the high temperature on the day you found the bird?
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Where was the bird found?
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In which county was the bird found?

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