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Wildlife disease in Utah

Chronic wasting disease in Utah

Scale-dependent approaches to modeling spatial epidemiology of chronic wasting disease, Special Report 2007

Contributing authors:

  • Mary M. ConnerUtah Division of Wildlife Resources
  • John E. GrossNational Park Service
  • Paul C. CrossUnited States Geological Survey
  • Michael R. EbingerUtah State University
  • Robert R. GilliesUtah State University
  • Michael D. SamuelUnited States Geological Survey
  • Michael W. MillerColorado Division of Wildlife

Technical associates:

  • Karen G. WolfeUtah State University
  • Samson Y. GebreabUtah State University

Funding organizations:

  • Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
  • United States Geological Survey
  • Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies

This e-book is the product of a second workshop that was funded and promoted by the United States Geological Survey to enhance cooperation between states for the management of chronic wasting disease (CWD). The first workshop addressed issues surrounding the statistical design and collection of surveillance data for CWD. The second workshop, from which this document arose, followed logically from the first workshop and focused on appropriate methods for analysis, interpretation, and use of CWD surveillance and related epidemiology data. Consequently, the emphasis of this e-book is on modeling approaches to describe and gain insight of the spatial epidemiology of CWD.

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