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Posted Thursday, November 3, 2005

Geographic Management Units

Bonneville Cutthroat Trout GMU's and HUC's in the historic range

Bear River

Includes the upper Bear River draining the northwestern portion of the Uinta Mountains, the Thomas Fork watershed, Bear Lake and and tributaries, the Cub River watershed, the Logan and Little Bear River Watersheds and the Malad River watershed.

Northern Bonneville

Includes the Weber, Ogden and Jordan Rivers in the Great Salt Lake watershed and the Provo and Spanish Fork Rivers in the Utah Lake watershed.

Western Bonneville

Includes many small stream draining both the east and west slopes of the Deep Creek Mountain range on the border of Utah and Nevada. Small streams draining Wheeler Peak (Great Basin National Park) and Mt. Moriah Wilderness draining from the east slopes of the Snake Mountain range of southeastern Nevada, and the Snake and Steptoe Valleys.

Southern Bonneville

Includes Mt. Dutton and the Tusher Mountains in the Beaver and Sevier River drainages and northwestern portions of the Virgin River draining from the Pine Valley Mountains north of St. George, Utah.


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