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Cougar harvest-objective hunting units

The Box Elder, Desert (#CG7601), Chalk Creek (#CG1033), and Morgan-South Rich (#CG7503) hunt units are now in the "Harvest-objective units with active predator management plans" table and have unlimited harvest quotas.

Please note: Unlimited unit harvest numbers recorded here are not in real time, and delays in updating harvest numbers may occur to allow time for check-ins and data verification.

The tables below indicate which cougar harvest-objective units are open. For more information, download the latest Utah Cougar Guidebook.

Harvest-objective units

Season dates: July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023

Hunt # Name Status Quota Harvest to date Remaining
CG1003 Box Elder, Pilot Mtn Open 6 0 6
CG7613 Mt Dutton Open 14 3 11
CG7615 Panguitch Lake Closed 20 20 0
CG1013 Paunsaugunt Open 20 7 13
CG1014 Pine Valley, North Open 26 12 14
CG1018 South Slope, Bonanza/Diamond Mtn/Vernal* Open 24 10 14
CG1028 Wasatch Mtns, Salt Lake (archery only; no dogs allowed) Open 6 0 6
CG1024 West Desert, Mtn Ranges Open 8 1 7

*No dogs allowed from May 31, 2023 to June 26, 2023.

Harvest-objective units with active predator management plans

Season dates: July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023

Hunt # Name Status Quota Harvest to date Remaining
CG1030 Beaver, East Open Unlimited 7 Unlimited
CG1031 Beaver, West Open Unlimited 3 Unlimited
CG1001 Book Cliffs, East‡ Open Unlimited 10 Unlimited
CG1002 Book Cliffs, Rattlesnake Canyon/Nine Mile, South Open Unlimited 10 Unlimited
CG7601 Box Elder, Desert Open Unlimited 6 Unlimited
CG1004 Cache Open Unlimited 20 Unlimited
CG7606 Central Mtns, Nebo-West Face Open Unlimited 1 Unlimited
CG7607 Central Mtns, Northeast Manti Open Unlimited 8 Unlimited
CG7507 Central Mtns, Northwest Manti Open Unlimited 3 Unlimited
CG7609 Central Mtns, Southeast Manti Open Unlimited 7 Unlimited
CG7500 Central Mtns, Southwest Manti Open Unlimited 11 Unlimited
CG1033 Chalk Creek Open Unlimited 6 Unlimited
CG1005 Fillmore, Oak Creek Open Unlimited 2 Unlimited
CG7611 Fillmore, Pahvant Open Unlimited 6 Unlimited
CG1006 Henry Mtns Open Unlimited 4 Unlimited
CG1007 Kaiparowits Open Unlimited 0 Unlimited
CG1008 La Sal* Open Unlimited 5 Unlimited
CG7503 Morgan-South Rich Open Unlimited 17 Unlimited
CG1009 Nine Mile, North Open Unlimited 6 Unlimited
CG1010 North Slope, Summit/West Daggett Open Unlimited 3 Unlimited
CG1011 North Slope, Three Corners Open Unlimited 0 Unlimited
CG1012 Ogden Open Unlimited 6 Unlimited
CG1032 Oquirrh-Stansbury, West Open Unlimited 2 Unlimited
CG1015 Pine Valley, South Open Unlimited 4 Unlimited
CG7618 Plateau, Boulder Open Unlimited 12 Unlimited
CG7619 Plateau, Fishlake Open Unlimited 11 Unlimited
CG7620 Plateau, Thousand Lakes Open Unlimited 0 Unlimited
CG1026 San Juan, Desert Open Unlimited 0 Unlimited
CG1027 San Juan, Mountains* Open Unlimited 15 Unlimited
CG1017 San Rafael Open Unlimited 0 Unlimited
CG1019 South Slope, Yellowstone** Open Unlimited 10 Unlimited
CG1020 Southwest Desert Open Unlimited 9 Unlimited
CG1036 Wasatch Mtns, Avintaquin/Currant Creek** Open Unlimited 19 Unlimited
CG1022 Wasatch Mtns, Cascade Open Unlimited 7 Unlimited
CG1023 Wasatch Mtns, Timpanogos Open Unlimited 1 Unlimited
CG1025 Zion Open Unlimited 16 Unlimited

This unit is composed of all or largely private property. Hunters should acquire written permission from the landowner before applying for this hunt.

*No dogs allowed from July 1, 2022 to Nov. 1, 2022, and from March 31, 2023 to June 30, 2023, except for hunters who have a valid bear permit that allows the use of dogs on this unit.

**No dogs allowed from May 31, 2023 to June 26, 2023.