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Cougar harvest-objective hunting units

The Box Elder, Desert (#CG7601), Chalk Creek (#CG1033), and Morgan-South Rich (#CG7503) hunt units are now in the "Harvest-objective units with active predator control" table and have unlimited harvest quotas.

Please note: Unlimited unit harvest numbers recorded here are not in real time, and delays in updating harvest numbers may occur to allow time for check-ins and data verification.

The tables below indicate which cougar harvest-objective units are open. For more information, download the latest Utah Cougar Guidebook.

Limited-entry units

Season dates: March 26, 2022 – May 31, 2022

Hunt # Name Status Quota Harvest to date Remaining
CG1029 Oquirrh-Stansbury, East* Open 11 5 6
CG7506 Wasatch Mtns, West-Strawberry* Open 15 11 4

Harvest-objective units

Season dates: Nov. 3, 2021 – June 30, 2022

Hunt # Name Status Quota Harvest to date Remaining
CG1003 Box Elder, Pilot Mtn Open 6 0 6
CG7603 Box Elder, Raft River Open 9 5 4
CG7605 Central Mtns, Nebo (excludes West Face) Open 15 12 3
CG7502 East Canyon Open 13 7 6
CG7610 East Canyon, Davis Open 5 4 1
CG1034 Kamas Open 5 3 2
CG7612 Monroe Open 22 5 17
CG7613 Mt Dutton Open 14 12 2
CG7615 Panguitch Lake Closed 20 21 0
CG1013 Paunsaugunt Open 20 12 8
CG1014 Pine Valley, North Open 26 22 4
CG1018 South Slope, Bonanza/Diamond Mtn/Vernal Open 24 15 9
CG1028 Wasatch Mtns, Salt Lake (archery only; no dogs allowed) Open 6 0 6
CG1024 West Desert, Mtn Ranges Open 8 0 8
CG7602 West Desert, Tintic-Vernon Open 11 4 7

Harvest-objective units with active predator management plans

Season dates: Nov. 3, 2021 – June 30, 2022

Hunt # Name Status Quota Harvest to date Remaining
CG1030 Beaver, East Open Unlimited 25 Unlimited
CG1031 Beaver, West Open Unlimited 4 Unlimited
CG1001 Book Cliffs, East‡ Open Unlimited 13 Unlimited
CG1002 Book Cliffs, Rattlesnake Canyon/Nine Mile, South Open Unlimited 2 Unlimited
CG7601 Box Elder, Desert Open Unlimited 6 Unlimited
CG1004 Cache Open Unlimited 16 Unlimited
CG7606 Central Mtns, Nebo-West Face Open Unlimited 8 Unlimited
CG7607 Central Mtns, Northeast Manti Open Unlimited 5 Unlimited
CG7507 Central Mtns, Northwest Manti Open Unlimited 7 Unlimited
CG7609 Central Mtns, Southeast Manti Open Unlimited 10 Unlimited
CG7500 Central Mtns, Southwest Manti Open Unlimited 7 Unlimited
CG1033 Chalk Creek Open Unlimited 26 Unlimited
CG1005 Fillmore, Oak Creek Open Unlimited 3 Unlimited
CG7611 Fillmore, Pahvant Open Unlimited 13 Unlimited
CG1006 Henry Mtns Open Unlimited 2 Unlimited
CG1007 Kaiparowits Open Unlimited 1 Unlimited
CG1008 La Sal‡ Open Unlimited 6 Unlimited
CG7503 Morgan-South Rich Open Unlimited 16 Unlimited
CG1009 Nine Mile, North Open Unlimited 16 Unlimited
CG1010 North Slope, Summit/West Daggett Open Unlimited 7 Unlimited
CG1011 North Slope, Three Corners Open Unlimited 4 Unlimited
CG1012 Ogden Open Unlimited 13 Unlimited
CG1032 Oquirrh-Stansbury, West Open Unlimited 1 Unlimited
CG1015 Pine Valley, South Open Unlimited 9 Unlimited
CG7618 Plateau, Boulder Open Unlimited 20 Unlimited
CG7619 Plateau, Fishlake Open Unlimited 23 Unlimited
CG7620 Plateau, Thousand Lakes Open Unlimited 2 Unlimited
CG1026 San Juan, Desert Open Unlimited 0 Unlimited
CG1027 San Juan, Mountains‡ Open Unlimited 17 Unlimited
CG1017 San Rafael Open Unlimited 0 Unlimited
CG1019 South Slope, Yellowstone Open Unlimited 1 Unlimited
CG1020 Southwest Desert Open Unlimited 4 Unlimited
CG1036 Wasatch Mtns, Avintaquin/Currant Creek Open Unlimited 8 Unlimited
CG1022 Wasatch Mtns, Cascade Open Unlimited 8 Unlimited
CG1023 Wasatch Mtns, Timpanogos Open Unlimited 1 Unlimited
CG1025 Zion Open Unlimited 14 Unlimited

This unit is composed of all or largely private property. Hunters should acquire written permission from the landowner before applying for this hunt.

‡No dogs allowed from April 14, 2022 to June 30, 2022, except for hunters who have a valid bear permit that allows the use of dogs on this unit.