Goals and objectives

DWR mission: Our mission is to serve the people of Utah as trustee and guardian of the state's wildlife.

Belief statement: The Division of Wildlife Resources maintains sustainable and diverse wildlife populations that are valuable to all citizens of Utah.

Agency goal: Improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the Division of Wildlife Resources.

  • Increase programs that promote teamwork, provide leadership training opportunities, and motivate employees to be more productive, efficient and successful.
  • Increase programs to effectively recruit and retain new employees.
  • Improve the image of the Division by maintaining high standards of conduct and professionalism among division employees.
  • Increase efforts to simplify rules, regulations and guidebooks.

Resource goal: Expand wildlife populations and conserve sensitive species by protecting and improving wildlife habitat.

  • Protect existing wildlife habitat and improve 500,000 acres of critical habitats and watersheds throughout the state by 2014.
  • Increase fish and game populations to meet management plan objectives, and expand quality fishing and hunting opportunities.
  • Conserve sensitive species to prevent them from becoming listed as threatened or endangered.

Constituency goal: Achieve broad-based support for division programs and budgets by demonstrating the value of wildlife to all citizens of Utah.

  • Increase public awareness of wildlife as a quality-of-life issue in order to expand our support base and achieve stable funding.
  • Improve communications with wildlife organizations, public officials, private landowners and government agencies to obtain support for division programs.
  • Expand programs to recruit and retain young hunters, anglers and wildlife watchers.