Show your support for Utah Wildlife with a specialty license plate

Kestrel plate
Deer skull plate
Cutthroat trout plate
Elk plate

Show off your sense of style and your favorite wildlife — all while helping support Utah's wildlife heritage — by purchasing a Utah wildlife license plate!

Most of the funding used to manage Utah's wildlife comes from license and permit sales. But, Utahns can also support the species they care about by purchasing a wildlife license plate.

Where license plate funds go

The money from your wildlife specialty plates will help ensure that wildlife in Utah is maintained for present and future generations. Each plate's revenues support a specific program within the Division. The mule deer and elk plates support big game management, the trout plate supports fisheries management and the kestrel plate supports non-game species.

How much license plates cost

When you switch to a wildlife license plate, a portion of the cost will be donated directly to the Division, and a portion will be collected by the Utah Department of Motor Vehicles. Of your annual registration renewal, $25 will be donated to the Division each year.

How to get a plate

There are three easy ways to obtain wildlife license plates:

  1. Request and pay for wildlife license plates when you buy a new vehicle.
  2. Visit the DMV to switch license plates. You'll need your current registration and a payment of $41 (to cover the cost of the new plates and registration stickers).
  3. Obtain wildlife license plates by mail. Just send a copy of your current registration, a check for $45 (to cover the cost of the new plates, registration stickers and shipping) and a note indicating which plates you want to:

    Utah State Tax Commission
    Motor Vehicle Division
    P.O. Box 30412
    Salt Lake City, UT 84130

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