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2011 antlerless

Key dates and fees: 2011 antlerless season

Application dates

Please keep the following dates in mind if you plan to apply for an antlerless permit.

Applications available June 1, 2011
Application deadline June 21, 2011
Drawing results available July 14, 2011
Remaining permits available July 21, 2011

To obtain your drawing results, visit the drawing results page, call 1-800-221-0659 at any time or contact a Division office during business hours. To protect your privacy and to comply with changes in governmental records access laws, you’ll receive access to only your own drawing results.

Season dates

Season dates vary depending on the species and the area. For season date listings, see the 2011 antlerless hunt tables in the PDF version of this guidebook.

Permit fees

The following table lists the fees for all antlerless permits.

Permit Resident Nonresident
Antlerless deer $25 $88
Two-doe deer $40 $166
Antlerless elk control $25 $88
Antlerless elk $45 $213
Doe pronghorn $25 $88
Two-doe pronghorn $40 $166
Antlerless moose $208 $708
CWMU antlerless deer $25 $88*
CWMU two-doe deer $40 $166*
CWMU antlerless elk $45 $213*
CWMU doe pronghorn $25 $88*
CWMU two-doe pronghorn $40 $166*
CWMU antlerless moose $208 $708*

* Nonresidents may only obtain CWMU permits through the CWMU operator.

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